Monday, October 25

237. Bang-Up Job

Today started off early and with a bang. I can't say that I didn't see it coming, but I was kinda surprised how it exactly panned out. (I think I'm about to get a little philosophical...)

However, everything seems to be being handled in a fairly Zen way and I actually don't find myself freaking out. Maybe the fact that this was inevitable helps. It's really a shame when you know a negative outcome is inevitable and yet you still foster some hope that this is the time that old habits will change and life is renewed facing the right direction. Definition of optimism trying with all its might but is only masked as realism with a hint of cynicism. That sounds like one heck of a mixed drink with a forecast of massive hangovers full of regret. Oh joy.

There needs to be some serious cleaning house.

Fortunately, that's not really our problem and the strife we'd endured in the name of this ordeal is just payback for trying to do what we thought was right while being somewhat nice. Oh well.

Next Monday is bulk trash pick up day. It's becoming one of our favorite days of the year.... right. Ha ha. It's nice to have the weight of dust and wasted space lifted, it's just the initial lifting that is the pain in the butt. It was pretty amusing watching the scavengers drive by last time and scour through our dilapidated goods. All hours of the day, pretty respectful people, and some came... bearing interesting cargo. The boys banded together to get an incredible amount done before and I hope we can manage to grab that momentum again. Hooray for another garage makeover and purge. I really could use some space to store some of my stuff so it's out of my room.

Not that I have a massive amount of possessions, but when you have enough stuff to fill up your own apartment and are only living in a guest room at a house that essentially is a holding station for at least four separate homes... tasks like storage become a bit tricky. Lol. Ideally, the SO and I can figure out the majority of the rearranging ourselves since we get into organizational-cleaning frenzies sometimes. Sometimes they happen at different times but watch out when it's in tandem. Ha ha. Hm. I'm trying to remember the last time that happened... I think, no, someone else started that project. Um. Maybe August? Good gravy. Yes, thinking did hurt that much. :P

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that a side effect of our overhaul of the garage is that the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations are pulled from what ever far corner they've settled in and set aside for easy access. I really like decorating for holidays. I can't wait to have a place of "my" own again so I can start my collection again. Yeah, the SO has been asked/ warned, lol. I had a taste of it back in college and it has been hard to put it on hold for the sake of space constraints.

Man, I've used a decent amount of actual descriptive words today. :) Maybe I should have 17 hour days more often. Wait... I meant 21 hour days. Hm... perhaps I shouldn't! Ha ha!

Tomorrow is going the be hectic- see you then! <3

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