Sunday, October 10

222. Finally Free

I'm a little wiped today, so I'm not quite sure how sane I'm going to sound. :P

I eventually got some sleep last night after stumbling around aimlessly and nauseous. Yeah, I'm not quite sure why I did that either. Anywho, we moved everything out of storage today so there is no more using storage facilities in these households. Hooray! It's been a few years since that's happened so it's great. It took a few trips but it's done. We then spent pretty much the rest of the day unloading and rearranging nearly the entire garage to accommodate the rest of the things and sorting boxes out. Go figure that the one part of this place that actually feels/ looks like an actual home is the garage. Um... okay. Lol. We'll get there and have this place up and running soon. Or we'll die trying. XD

I got a new motorcycle riding helmet from all of this, lol. Not that I needed one or had an old one. The SO has about four helmets and there's one that fits me just fine. But it's cool to have a spare brain bucket. Maybe one day the SO and I will go on a road trip via the bike. Well, in that case, I'll need to collect some gear like a jacket, boots, and pants. All padded of course.

Another by-product of this weekend project is that kitty got a cat condo! It's homemade and part of the proceeds go towards helping out at a local cat shelter. He likes being up and stretching to scratch things (and we like the color blue :P) so...

Isn't it cute? It was a gift from kitty's human grandpa. :D We've been seeing them being sold every day at the local corner store and were curious enough to stop by today. Kitty's never had one before and he can be a bit overly cautious, so we're really glad he took to it so quickly. We may have bribed him to climb up by opening the shade and windows so that he could look and birds and smell the outdoors. XD Such great parenting, huh?

Oh yeah, we also tossed a few of his favorite toys into the mix to try to get him to explore it a bit more too. I highly doubt we'll ever see him hanging out in the tunnel because it's not quite a comfy size, but he's played with it. Now if we can only get him to be okay with scratching at the rope column, we'll be set. Lol. I'm so excited for him. I've even caught him taking a quick cat nap on top but he still sometimes uses it as a fun step to sit on the windowsill next to it. Lol. Got to love cats.

That's all I have to report today. :D See you tomorrow. <3

Btw, what a fun and binary-looking date we have today, hm? 10.10.10! I once thought I would get married on this date. :) My how things change in a few short years.

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