Saturday, October 9

221. Last Resort

But not really. :P

The Wii has been a hit with the household today! I do believe that everyone got to play, even for a little while. The weather is absolutely beautiful right now. At night, it is very autumn-like and downright cold!

Tons of gaming today, either on the computer or playing all the Sports and Sports Resort games for the Wii. We temporarily have 3 remotes until we return the off-brand one that doesn't work as well as we'd like. I'm a big fan of the beginner's wakeboarding but I believe the group favorite is bowling, which also happens to be the SO's favorite. Lol.

There are three modes to play: the regular bowling game, knocking down 100 pins, and bowling with obstacles. He and I also determined that golf in any form is not our game. XD

I enjoyed watching everyone have fun. Still feeling a little off today, so I'm going to get some rest. See you tomorrow! <3

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