Tuesday, October 26

238. Reality Show

Ever feel like you're being watched by everyone? Or that something you do is so outrageous that it should be on put on public display? I spent much of today feeling that I was on some episode of Hoarders. I'm not quite sure how much I want to discuss my day, lol.

Lots of semi-sudden rearranging and purging going on. It's not bad and I've done my best to reign in my urges to organize since it takes a gazillion year for me to get through. It's kind of exhausting regulating my brain to make sure I don't over think anything and I think I've done a pretty bang-up job (insert smirk here).

You know your task has become a bit daunting when the piles you are creating are about as tall as you are. Kitty has kind of had fun with that. Amidst the whirlwind of chaos and change, he was hesitant but desperate to seek shelter within the familiar and grew to like using these piles to dive behind. The SO would look into the room and not notice his little man spread out in the middle on top of everything while I would walk back in to stare at the piles and see a kitty head start to slowly peek up from behind some stack. XD He is such a silly butt.

I'm glad he's taken all of the changes in the past year in stride. He has never been one to handle curve-balls well and instead of a week of being truly terrified, within hours he's out and about exploring the alterations. There have been a few hissy fights with his cat cousin already. For now, they'll be separated when they can't be supervised and our kitty got a little scratch on his nose. It has never escalated to this point before but they have done a bit of growing and maturing.

Sigh. As much work as it is and as overwhelming it can be mentally, emotionally, and physically... it's all for the better- all towards bigger and better things. No use settling for anything less when we're this crazy and picky. :P Take deep breaths and keep thinking that everything can be livable by the end of the week. Oye. Lol.

See you tomorrow, I have to get back to tackling this! <3

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