Thursday, April 1

030. Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Rant

I feel pretty poorly about the amount of negative I've been putting out here lately. Not my initial intention, but hey- I'm easily caught up in the moment. So let's make today a bit more fun! To start off, a video of one guy (doing a duet with himself) singing 22 popular TV theme songs! In less than 7 minutes!

Don't forget to check out his other videos as well! There's not much there, so it's not terribly hard, lol. There are also a couple more YouTube artists (mostly Asian this time. I believe they're all friends- this includes Andrew Garcia, who is currently still in the running for this season's American Idol!) that are collaborating left and right. I was going to post a few videos, but it may be easier to post links. That and I'll probably get caught up watching every single video instead if I don't, :P.

Ladies first! Kat Badar, Cathy Nguyen, Jasmine Rafael, Jenny Suk, Tiffany Alvord, and Christina Grimmie.

Then the gentlemen! Gabe Bondoc and AJ Rafael.

And some great collaborations! Gamaliel & Audrey and Nataly Dawn & Jack Conte of Pomplamoose!

Sooo many goodies! I think That's it for now, I gotta get back to crafting! <3

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