Tuesday, April 13

042. Almost Getting It Done

One of the poor dogs was targeted by a cat today. Got scratched up a little :( And those lingering winter rainstorms have finally hatched a ton of bugs that seem to be every where you turn. Ugh! I do not enjoy bugs touching me without my permission, lol.

Feeling under the weather today so I'm just stopping by to say... um... that I haven't gotten much completed today? Lots of research done but hit so many roadblocks today, that I just had to walk away for a bit and try to craft and figure out how better to approach it all. The answer came as: in half steps (apparently I was setting the bar too high) and in person (because I'm going to ask a million questions anyway and have confused too many poor people on the phone lately).

I promise to have something more entertaining posted soon. I just have to figure out what that would be, lol. Oh! I almost stepped on a baby snake when I stepped out to check the mail earlier! I got a little video footage and a few pictures of it. I'll sort through that and post that tomorrow! Maybe I'll throw in a couple of our kitty from a few impromptu photo shoots I've put him through in the past. He's so handsome. :P

Well, that's all for now. Until tomorrow! <3

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