Monday, April 26

055. Hm? What Now?

Well... whatever plans I thought I had for myself today after finishing up at school were completely annihilated by the fact that I laid down to rest and ended up passing out and napping for most of the evening. :D Yay me! I knew that I was tired, but wow, not that much! Lol. I guess the body/ heart wants what the body/heart wants! I thought I caught up enough over the weekend to survive the week, but I was sadly mistaken.

This means that the pictures I took today will be apart of tomorrow's post! We're trying to plan some Mother's Day/ birthday things around the household this week, so wish us luck! We give it right back, I guarantee it. :P I've had a few more custom orders come in through the shop so that is going to definitely keep me busy this week, if not everything else, lol.

I'm also trying to save up and get into Stampin' Up! After watching all the goodies from My Pink Stamper (who personally responded to my email about her site! I feel so cool in such a geeky way! Lol!) and her past life as a demonstrator, I decided to try to get in contact with some of my local (and current) demonstrators. They seem to have great products in variety and quality, plus it could help me get to know more people, learn tons of new techniques, and continue to be inspired by others if I find the right guide for me! I'm super excited. It seems to be a similar deal with getting involved with Avon, Tupperware, or those lingerie lines- throw parties, be contacted by local people and go through catalogs, earn rewards for the work you put in, and have some extra income in the household! Maybe that is an aspect I could get into a few years down the road, right now I'm content with exploring and buying. :P

Ha ha, what a subtly cheeky post this has been! I'll keep it short and think of something more interesting to write tomorrow. Maybe. Until then! <3

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