Wednesday, April 28

057. Ready To Burst

Just finished a pretty cute crafting project: My first mini scrapbook! It's still drying so I'm going to take pictures of it tomorrow. :D Sorry for the teaser. I went a little Cricut crazy today because my soul has been dying to and I felt that I've gotten enough of my actual responsibilities done for now. However, I do have some pictures to share today!

A sweet burst of color. 

There's yellow everywhere right now because of April showers! Unfortunately, one of the downsides to that is the massive onslaught of pollen attacking everyone's allergies. My eyes and sinuses are recoiling right now at the mere mention of it all.

Bloomin' Bright!

This cute little cactus right outside the front door has bloomed the prettiest little flower. Well, the flower is pretty much bigger than the rest of the plant, but the effort is greatly appreciated, lol. 

Sprouting like crazy. Bursting with color.

This is also in the front yard. I believe it's a Mesquite. The once barren branches have exploded with bright green! It feels like three to four weeks ago there was nothing on it, then tiny green buds, then a few leaves that sprung on the sides that the sun shone upon but didn't scorch, to this beauty here! I'm told that it will continue to explode until it's the bushiest shady spot to sit under during the hottest of summer days. Every other day, I'm still just weirded out and and stunned how fast it is growing its leaves. Silly Florida and it's lack of seasons.

Because my SO is one of the best!

Switched gears abruptly, didn't I? Lol. We were torn about what to grab for lunch in between errands today and for some reason, my preference of this sweet shop known for its philly's cheesesteaks was picked! I'm told it is part of the plan to fatten me up for the slaughter. Or something. I don't eat many kinds of food, but I do love what I do eat! This is a chickensteak sandwich with Cheez Whiz. Yes, you read that correctly. The SO finds it bizarre enough to be gross, but I adore it and have been craving it for... I think two months now. XD We either forget exactly where the place is or are never on that side of town. He even got a large order of cheese fries for us to share, to boot! Even though, I think it was kind of a con because I ended up attacking it after he had a only a few. 

Oh that reminds me of something hilarious that happened today. Well, it didn't happen to me, so I didn't find it as hilarious as possible, but still. Super early appointment this morning meant we were barely functioning and awake during the commute. We stopped by a corner store so I could grab a money order. I held open the door for an older gentleman and girl around my age. When I came back out and opened the door to get back into the car, the SO asks if I'm sure I have the right vehicle. Granted, I'm not the most aware of my surroundings (but that's another story for another day)- so I did pause for a second and think: 'Well, if I got the wrong car this time, then that means you're in the wrong car too...'- but he bursts into laughter. Apparently the girl that I had held open the door for had opened the door to our car. SO even watched her and said, "Can I help you?" as she got into the car and sat down. After settling down for a moment, she turned to look at him, gasped in horror, got out of the car, and got into the passenger seat of the same colored but completely different type of car parked next to ours. The SO was laughing so hard when she realized her mistake, he could hardly speak- that doesn't happen often! XD He pretty much laughed the rest of the way to our destination. Lol, so incredibly awkward, lol. I'm surprised I haven't done that yet. I've tried to get into the wrong car, but my uncertainty usually gives me enough time to realize my mistake. Or have someone I'm with point it out, either way. :P That poor gal though, she barely said anything she was so shocked when it hit her, but SO is probably one of the best/ safest people to do that with/ to, so that's good.
A continuation of yesterday.

This is what I worked on today, since there were no kids/ reason for me to go volunteer. These are meant to represent some of the ways that habitats are destroyed/ harmed/ threatened. A little construction person that looks like the head foreman of some logging company, a bunch of buildings that took the place of the wilderness (I only have the image of a hospital available... so I may have cut off the first aid flag and made my own smoke cloud... XD), a car and boat creating pollution, a bunch of stinky garbage, and a few animals that are supposed to represent the introduction of non-native species that greatly upset the ecological balance. May I just say how much I freakin' love my Cricut machine? I think these were a great mix of technology and my own creations and it was all incredibly fun, no matter how tedious I made the process. Saves me from poorly drawing it all. 

I've gotten quite a bit settled and taken care of today that has taken a substantial amount of pressure off my shoulders. I got that ridiculous "bill" taken care of for now and I have planned out a good portion of my life for the next 1.5 years, lol. Let's see if I can make it through that battle! Tomorrow another home improvement project should finally be finished and we're planning a surprise this weekend that I hope pulls through. If it does, I'll have some pretty cool pictures to post too! :P

Hm. I do believe that is it for now! Hope you enjoy the bursts of color like I am. Until tomorrow, <3!

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  1. Ok, so who is SO and XD? or is XD you know supposed to be a smile of some kind? Just wondering, this is after all the first post I've ever read.
    More importantly, do you love your cricut? I've got one but haven't used it yet and I've had it for at least a year. Sad I know. I need to read the manual and watch the video. I was so exceited when I got it and I've yet do anything which makes me sad. I wonder if there is a big difference between mine and the newer ones?


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