Friday, April 30

059. Critter Craze

Craze does not even begin to describe how I feel about this Cricut Cartridge. Let me back track briefly to explain what a Cricut is. It's an electronic die-cut machine. It helps me make pretty things better and faster. I'll probably eventually post a picture of it. The cartridge gives it the info of what to cut, like a cd game for a computer and instead of buying a million die-cuts that can only cut one thing in one size. 

Anywho, back to now, lol. I have a new one that cuts cute things (mostly animals with ginormous heads) with faces. A part of my soul has died with happiness. I'm also easing my way into papercrafting (think scrapbooks and homemade decor), primarily card-making, atm. Combine the two and you have a bunch of really cute cards that are going to be ready to send out at a few days notice. I'm the type of person that still likes to write letters or notes or send cards, especially handmade ones when I can. It's a lost art form and like a mini party/ holiday when you get stuff in the mail and can keep it for posterity.

So... here are a few cards that I'm started to prep today. I'll add sayings and more decor on most and I usually don't share works in progress, but I am way too excited and proud and have felt a tad guilty about promising photos and not really producing anything. I didn't make as much as I would have ideally hoped today, but I was helping out with house hunting (a few offers were made today!), which I don't always get the chance to do and I find kind of fun. Man, this entry is full of run-on sentences, isn't it? Lol.

To celebrate today!

Just in case!


 Wormy Apple.



Gila Monster-Dinosaur-Thing! Rawr!


Koala bear!

Lime green Seal!

I have made a few others, but I'll keep them a secret until the said recipients... um... receive them? I tried to think of another word, but couldn't, lol. Like I said, I'm still kind of feeling my way through to learn the feel of paper quality and finding my style while trying new things. I'm really tentative about starting to collect too many embellishments before having anywhere to put them! And, you know, the whole money factor. Let's not mention that right now... >_> ... <_< ... V_V

Each card is on the same cream/ off-white color base so they don't seem so stark and harsh. Love, love, love it. Just another craft to add to my arsenal. I do so badly want some outside guidance/ support/ inspiration with this craft though. I need to take it to the next level and I'm tired of having to go at it alone. I can teach myself but there is always room for improvement and expansion and I want to have that sooner than later- gosh darnit! Lol. Do you see all those sweet faces?! Ugh! I can hardly stand it, but I know I should get sleep eventually so I can have enough energy to make more, lol. I have my priorities straight, don't I? Lol.

Yes, I do still cut out my own stuff, but this is a great help. Especially with writing. I'm a big fan of fonts and I can't do too many by hand. ... I actually only have one cartridge dedicated to a font that had come with my machine though. Lol, I couldn't justify getting a bunch of them seeing as how I'm just starting out. I wanted to go for versatility first. Luckily, this new love of mine comes with cute phrases. :D Soo happy with this purchase. Could you tell?

Alrighty, I need to stop now or I will just keep going. So, see you tomorrow! <3

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