Monday, April 19

048. /Gnaws On Bug

Well, I haven't really gnawed on the bugs. It's more of a 'they decided to fly up my nose' kind of thing. Spring as definitely sprung across the desert and all those late winter storms have brought out an exceptional (to me) amount of various bugs. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned then about five times in the past two weeks. It's getting worse. They're breeding, more kinds are coming out/ in, and they are incessantly invading my personal space. I do not enjoy it at all, lol.

GAH! A bug just flew into the hand that I was resting my chin on while I was trying to be deep in thought. Thinking failed. Well, the good news is that I flailed enough to smash into my "M" key which reminded me to get whatever was jamming it out already, lol. I may have just knocked whatever was in it underneath another key. Only time will tell. Sigh, lol.

Okay, time to try to think positive. I cranked through some custom orders the past few nights. I still have plenty of bracelets, mobiles, and cards to make. Oh goody, lol. I'll also be trying to get my edumakashun on this week so everyday is going to be me panicking to find a balance between volunteering, errands, and crafting. My life sounds so horrible, I know. :P

Speaking of volunteering with some of the cutest/ obnoxious/ angelic/ brightest kids on the planet, we're starting to joke about how the SO has some competition in each of the classes. There is a morning and then an afternoon group. In the morning there is sweet boy with light brown hair, quiet demeanor, and blue eyes. I feel bad that I can't spend more time with him because I'm often smack down wrestling with other kids, but I do try my best to give them all equal attention. During their opening period when my seat is often behind his spot, he reaches back and holds my hand. Even when it gets uncomfortable, he just adjusts the type of handhold and keeps paying attention to the teacher. It's so incredibly sweet, he's really patient and thoughtful too, bless his little heart. In the afternoon, my utter adoration started... I guess today, lol. This boy is much quieter in a different way and had asked me to sit next to time at snack time and even went as far as to sit in the spot that would guarantee an empty seat next to him that I could sit at. How freaking adorable is that? When the class was outside playing earlier, he found a leaf he liked and showed it to me. I liked it too so he let me keep it and went to go find more. Well, that, of course, started a whole mission for almost all of the boys (that afternoon class only has one brave little girl who is just amazing) to just find random leaves. I had a decent pile when we left. I chose some of my favorites that were different colors (I believe they are all eucalyptus leaves) because I really like collecting colors and because the boys were so careful to find and show me the different colored ones. Quite the feat when you consider that some are struggling with the concept of colors. I brought them home in a little baggie so I could show all of you!

There is purple- yellowish- red- pink- whitish- and green (the original)!

Too cute. There's also another little boy, who is in the morning group, that give a flower to the teacher. It's usually one from a fake arrangement in class and she wears it in her hair or on her shirt. Lately, he has been arriving to school with a precious flower in tow. Unfortunately, some were causing allergies to flare up, so they stayed in a cup of water by the sink until the end of the day. However! Today brought a beautiful crimson rose from the front yard! It even smelled liked a pretty rose and not the cheap rose smell, which I feel closely resembles stinky fish. We took it home and, since I was taking picture of collected foliage, I took pictures of that as well!

Isn't that gorgeous? I guess it looks more pink in that light, but it's a pretty bright red when I look at it now. It even continued to bloom throughout the school day. Too sweet. :) Can you tell I have a weak spot for kids? Especially the sweet and thoughtful kind. Oh man, when I have kids, I'm going to have to teach them how to scan their pictures into the computer or else we'd end up with a fridge that had nothing but pictures. Not even food, we had to get rid of the even the light bulb inside to make room for this year's pictures. :P It kind of scares me thinking about it, my folks kept a lot of my academic stuff, but I kept a lot of the personal stuff and still have a bunch of... memorabilia. Lol. So if I do that for myself, who knows what levels I'll take it to down the road. Man, I hope I get a lot better at scrapbooking before then!

Hm. Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I suffered my first cooking-related injury in a while. More specifically I burned part of my fingers/ knuckles on the oven rack during one of the rounds broiling the fish. :( It's not too bad, but wow can it sting sometimes. Especially when you directly scratch it on a closet door track getting ready in the morning. Ow, it kind of hurts just remembering it, lol. It was cleaned and had plant goo put on it :D

I actually think that's all I'm going to update with today. Time for bed! Hooray! Hopefully, I can at least keep up all this momentum I have now and add more patience and silver lining thinking over the next couple of days. Well, until tomorrow! <3

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