Thursday, April 29

058. My New Love

I may or may not have promised some pictures of some crafts made with the help of my Cricut today... either way, no dice. I'm still working on the mini scrapbook (and by working, I mean patching up) BUT something I have awaited somewhat patiently for arrived in the mail today! Lol, I wanted to run home after the kids left to go play with my new toy! Not too many outdoor chores were done today because the wind gusts went up to 60 mph. That is especially no bueno when you're dealing with a ton of dust and cacti. Nope, no siree, lol.

So, I got to play all I wanted with it! I love it. Absolutely love it. It = my brand spankin' new Cricut cartridge called "Create a Critter" (Click on the 'Images' tab for a sneak peak!)! It's almost exactly my cutesy simplistic style with tons of animals and accessories and potential. I've been explaining how I've loved this cart as if it were my unborn child and that it has just arrived today! Hooray! I am so set die-cut-wise for some time now. Yes, there are other cartridges that I have my eye on (same dealio), and I would have a ton more if money were not an issue, but having all of these animals is a dream come true for me. Pairing it with my "Everyday Paper Dolls" (mhm) cart gives me tons of ideas and free reign over most projects I can think to do this summer. This is especially the case with any school-related projects I may want to prepare.

I met a new contact today that gave me great info that insinuated that I may have a dream job this fall! The earliest I thought I might find one was going to be next spring so this is mind-blowing news too. I just had a pretty darn good day today. It has reminded me that hard work and effort really does pay off every now and then. While at school today, since the kids were relatively calm, I was able to crank out a mini-craft project:

The book that was read today was called "My Spring Robin" and it was about a child that sought out a special robin friend who was returning with the arrival of spring! We thought there was a robin stuffed animal in the classroom stash, but couldn't find it in time. So, as the story is being read and the kids are trying to practice prepositions, a substitute duck stuffed animal with ears (Idk what to tell you) was being used instead. It was really confusing the kids, lol. So, I threw together the big robin for them to use and find as the child looked for theirs. Then, I went a little craft-happy and made a bunch of mini ones. I had no idea what I thought they might use it for, and I made more than there are students in both classes. I did end up giving one to each of the kids in one class. I actually got a few: "Excuse me! Excuse me! Thank you!" and hugs for it! They are so sweet sometimes that my heart just breaks. Lol, melting would just take too long, it just explodes and keels over from the thoughtfulness. It definitely makes dealing with the tantrums and scratches and snot-filled sobs so worth it.

Oh! And my little do-dads and habitat pictures I mentioned yesterday were laminated today! I feel so... legit (? lol) to have my work preserved like that, ha ha!

Well, I think I can promise some pictures tomorrow of some of my Cricut craftiness. I'm going a little card-making crazy because I have been dying to lately! And I'm greatly exaggerating the craftiness part because I know I have barely begun to scratch the surface of what I could do with the tools that I have already accumulated. Man, I wish it was easier for me to learn more. I've hit a point that creatively and mentally, I just need some in-person guidance. I'm working on finding it now, but I'm pretty impatient. Well, more so than usual. :P

Alrighty, until tomorrow! Can't wait to show you! <3

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