Tuesday, April 6

035. I'm Still Upright!

The title to this blog entry was a part of a revelation I had earlier today when we started running errands. I had not had any caffeine up until that point and was amazed to still be conscious. Barely got any sleep last night on top of waking up pretty early so I could start volunteering at a local elementary school today! More about that later. After making that statement, we almost immediately went across the plaza to a Mickey D's and I got Happy Meals (collecting "How To Train Your Dragon" toys for the kids!) with caffeine. I'm weak.

Also, we finally got to a postal services place and I sent out things to Canada, New York, Japan, and Phoenix. Eclectic, huh? The whole thing just cost me $14. It probably would have been much less if I had not bought the packing materials there and used my own. I normally would have, but didn't know if I needed special boxes/ labels for any of it prior. However, I bought this super cute squishy envelope that was covered in colors and different animals to send to the Bestie! I hope she loves it. I did when I saw it, lol. I can't for everyone to get their mail too! /gleeful dance.

I'm so cognitively useless in the mornings. Thank goodness, my autopilot at the time and neurosis the night before seem to take care of everything! :D I'll get up and be ready and all, but just don't expect me to know my name, age, or address. You'll more likely than not just get me to stop in my tracks, stare at you blankly, get a "Huhhhhhh?"/ "Whaaaaat?" after at least 30 seconds of silence, and then I'll start to droop or fall over because I stopped moving and lost momentum. Lol.

Yay for being with the kids today! It was their first day back from spring break, only slightly rambunctious. Or so I was told that it was only slight. Still had fun, they are very sweet kids that never leave you bored. I was actually fully woken up by the end of the school day and got covered in spittle when one little boy, who was trying to take my attention away from a classmate, made an explosion sound effect a mere handful of inches from my face. Lol, lovely. I wiped it off but didn't want to wash the makeup off my face right then, so had to hang in there. Again, thank goodness it was the end of the day. Man, I can't get over how sweet those kids are! I was primarily helping with a cutting station. They made little paper helicopters that resembled maple keys that spiral when they are dropped. I had forgotten how many heart attacks I could have in a matter of minutes. All sorts of skill levels, so some kids had to have hands help them cut and fold while others attached that paper like there was no tomorrow. Just whoa. You can't be too fussy and make them anxious vicariously, but oh man, I cringed and bit my lip a lot trying to let them be as independent as possible. Yet another great day with them though, can't wait for Thursday to do it all again! Well, hopefully by then I'll learn how to be awake by the time they start coming in.

Paper sorting was a fail yesterday, being social and having (mostly) meaningful conversations with good company took precedence. Maybe I'll try to tackle that project bit by bit over the next couple of days because my body sort of hates me atm. I haven't had a solid schedule in years, it's weirding my body out. :P

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