Sunday, April 11

040. The Hunt For The Lucky Bamboo

I had no idea what to call this blog entry today. I'm trying to stay away from too generic or vague of a title and I don't feel like running out if I'm going to do this for 365 days in a row. Ow, ow, ow. I just burnt my tongue a little on a lava pocket. :( I want to finish eating it fast before all these bugs I'm surrounded by land and/or get stuck in my food. What a rock and a hard place, lol.

My folks have some lucky/ feng shui bamboo at their place and I figure it's one of those few cool plants I would have to put effort into killing. However, that's a thought I've been entertaining for a while now but the other night my SO was pulling up pictures of living bamboo fences that people had... cultured? That stuff is pretty cool, the patience and thought and care put into molding a plant into all sorts of shapes and designs. I have absolutely no clue as to why he was looking it up, but it was cool nonetheless. So, today I had wanted to stop at the Oriental market and buy some Asian rice (the ones you find at typical grocery stores had been weirding me out for a while now, lol) so we searched for them there, but to no avail. Sadness. I shall keep hunting. I did however find some shrimp-flavored chips and lucky red envelopes. :D It sounds pretty weird, I know, but somehow I really love those chips, even if I'm not a huge fan of seafood by any means. Go figure.

Well, I did mention that the Blaze pattern has gone live at my shop, but I forgot to mention how I got my first order for Australia! So far, my only/ first international orders have been from Canada (which was still exciting). I have quite a bit of Etsy business to take care of tomorrow! On top of shipping out orders, I've received even more messages for suggestions and custom orders! An added bonus about that news is that most of these orders coming in are associated with donations to charity! Hooray! I wish charities would still accept online donations for less than $5, but alas. It was very fortunate that the orders happened to come in all at once so I can pool the donations together and chip in my own money again. It is for good causes after all.

More crafting ensued today. I hope to get consent to post a picture up here when it's all said and done.

Oh too gross. I just had a dog pace back and forth near me in the kitchen and pass gas. Ugh, so vile. Lol. Both of the dogs are acting more gluttonous than usual lately. Tonight, it's kind of driving me bonkers. I'm too stubborn to give in to puppy dog eyes when it comes to their health. One has been sick lately and not eating much, so we've been giving him more and more chances to at least nibble on some food, but now that he's getting better, he's almost copping an attitude when we don't indulge him as much. Sigh. I have to go out and sit with them as they do their business apparently. They think I left them out for the night, even though spending the night inside is supposed to be a treat for them. So, I'm typing outside being run into by a bunch of bugs. No, I am not letting you eat again- you should have eaten it all when you had the chance at your dinnertime. Not my fault you only ate 90% when your mom was sitting out here with you and want the last 10% now, a few hours later. Some puppies spoil so easily.

Dog farts have thrown off my train of thought completely. I'm pretty sure they are potent enough to derail more than just that, lol. Sigh, I have no idea what else I was going to ramble on about so I'll cut today off now, ha ha.

Hasta maƱana! <3

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