Thursday, April 15

044. Hooray For Humidity!

Two of the major household's renovation projects for this month were to get new screens to prevent the stupid crazy bugs from continuously coming in to perish and to fix the evap cooler! As of right this moment, each of those projects are 75% done! Hooray for the boys! The most impressive thing about that is that it got to that point because of all the work they put into it this whole day. I'm very proud and grateful. Less bugs touching me and putting humidity into the air to cool us all off could not have come any sooner. Well, it really could have, but that's not the point because it's pretty much here now! Hooray! Lol. Do you speed up reading as you feel the excitement in my typing? I know I do. XD

I continue to give into the cosmos and focus on my shop while stewing over what I really want/ need to do. Which is fine, I need to be gently reminded that I don't always get to do what I want when I want, but in a still productive way. So, it's all good. Have I mentioned that I've totally earned by annual volunteer breakfast these past few days? Lol. I still love it, it is hard work, and I really hope I can keep doing it! Going from 0 mph to 65 has been a bit much to handle. Man, I hope I can grow accustomed to coffee or something soon, lol.

I plan to cook another big family meal this weekend, so wish me luck! It's fish and... I'm not good with fish, lol. I shall update, probably with pictures, regardless of how it turns out :P

Oooh, well aren't you guys in for a treat? I have recently received news that my batch of cards that I mentioned before and sent out all over the globe have finally all reached their destinations! That means I finally get to post pictures of my creations! Hooray!

I'm really happy and proud of how they each turned out! Thoughts? It's called a waterfall-style card and if you had clicked on the link I posted above and found the link to the video... (Yay, a scavenger hunt!) you know that it is much cooler than these following photos that I tried to take to show what was special about them:

How fun is that? You pull on the tab/ ribbon and the cards flip back! I definitely have to try to make more in the near future. It's all about finding a balance between what you have to do and want to do :) I'm figuring it out and determined to have a blast and be surrounded by great people who care about me throughout the entire process.Well, that's it from me tonight! Until tomorrow! <3

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