Wednesday, April 7

036. Hooray!

Woot! My last mail came in today! I started making some. Caught up on a lot of sleep today, which was good but also bad because I have to get up super early again tomorrow and may not get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Boo. Today was fairly uneventful because of that though.

We had kids come over peddling their goods to us. I took a deep breath and was nice enough to buy a homemade book mark and get another one for free. Then one went to go use our pens and highlighters to make more while the other was threatening us with a wooden gun attached to a makeshift bow to make a cross bow. /deep breath. Please let that kid become some governmental weapons specialist. Please please please. Otherwise, I'm worried about what else would be pursued because of the area we live in and the fact that they're in elementary school trying to compare assault weapons with the ones we have from the good ol' days. /sigh.

Then as half of the house is in the kitchen making snacks pretty late at night, the neighbors invite themselves over with a toddler that is wide awake and running around screaming and chasing the poor cats.

Finally, lots of wisecracks and smack talking and horror-story telling with the boys ensued in the kitchen and that's always horrific and hilarious. Oye, lol.

Surprise! I started using the paper that came in today :D

Hooray! Sigh, I need to go knock myself out now, but at least I finished the day with making two cheese omelettes and a hot dog. Lol, tomorrow's breakfast and lunch are going to be awesome. Good night! <3

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