Friday, April 16

045. Your Daily Musical Serving

Are you ready for a heaping serving of music media? I had no idea what I was going to write about today, especially since I've been kind of spaced out all day and only ran a few errands since coming home from school. Then, I decided to check out my YouTube subscriptions and found a new fun video from one of my favorite independent artists and that lead to me discovering a couple more phenomenal YouTubers that I've totally been missing out on! So, today's going to be full of videos. I strongly encourage to frolic on over to their respective channels and discover more of their music. I'm a huge fan of covers, collaborations, and synchronized male dancing. Well, it may not really have the latter, but it's pretty darn close- so it's pretty safe to say that I'm exploding with happy as I type this. So much happy!

Ready? Set? Go!

Here's Kurt Schneider producing a video collaboration between Sam Tsui and R&B group AHMIR singing a mash-up (produced by Frank Sacramone) of "Nothin' On You" and "Hey, Soul Sister." I especially adore the latter song.

A collaboration of "The Climb" between AHMIR and David Sides. It's fairly short but still beautiful.

Another collaboration, this time of a "Baby" and "Never Let You Go" mash-up with AHMIR and J Rice (who produced the track).

Phew. I try to make my posts as link-friendly as possible. Yes, I did get a little lazy by just posting the collaborations from one channel but would love for you to explore their channels so just click on their respective names! It probably took me three times as long as it should have to post all the videos because I kept getting distracted by listening and watching more and more videos. Which inevitably leads to me jamming out and dancing in my chair, trying to sing along to covers I've never heard before while listening on my headphones, in the middle of kitchen. Lol, good times. I'm glad my WoW-playing has gotten me used to serenading complete strangers and little to no shame.

Well, I hope you enjoy those artists as much as I am right now. Time to wander off and craft to this great new (to me) music! Ciao! <3

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