Sunday, April 18

047. Insert Eye Twitch Here

That pretty much sums up my overall mood for today. Yes, it fluctuated. I kinda wish it undulated just so I could legitimately use that word to describe it, lol. So, we're going to make it quick today.

My family will never cease to confuse me/ weird me out. I'm sure that is true about any families out there and I'm just going to leave it at that. I'm still getting a steady flow of business at my shop, especially in terms of custom orders, so that's pretty great. I can never say that I have nothing to do at this rate. I did cook the fish dish today. it was super simple and, from what I gathered, pretty yummy! I did try a bite and still decided I wasn't feeling that brave today and stuck with my plain rice. However, the SO was very patient with me again today and humored me by letting me take a picture of his plate (even though he was starving and drooling at the time). Here is my attempt at cooking this week:
Broiled Talapia in a Lemon Butter Sauce
with rice and mixed vegetables.

The pitched idea was some white fish dish and a recipe from Emeril. I'm not a huge fan of his website, I didn't find it particularly user friendly, but I am quite picky with that. I also think that was amplified by the fact that I'm a complete novice at this kind of thing and panic easily, lol. I want to do my best to cook a dish every week, preferably a new one. I can't wait to use that Allrecipes site for next weekend! I especially can't wait until the next semi-special occasion so I can try another dessert recipe, they just seem to be more my thing, lol. 

This was a snapshot of the crafts that the kids did this past week. Faux stained glass raindrops and butterflies! One was really complicated and messy while the other one was not. Go figure. :P I also have a picture I drew at school! Yay! Lol. .We joked about hanging it somewhere on the refrigerator. It's nothing great by any means, I did it when playing with the kids during their free time, but it still greatly amuses me for some reason.

Sigh, I would appreciate it if Blogger didn't try to think for me and decide that my photo should be flipped vertically... I honestly don't feel like messing with the original until the upload gets it right this time around. It's not like you can't tell what it is, lol. The crayon I picked up was called "Kitty Cat Black" and had that kitty on it, so I drew it and gave it polka dots, lol. It kind of looks like a dog. I forgot who said that to me when they saw it, but I realize now that they were right. XD Oh well.

Hm, I do believe that's it from me today. I'm really trying to keep a positive or at least patient attitude right now, it is just pretty hard to more often than not. Wish me luck, :P <3

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