Monday, April 12

041. Kicking Into High Gear

It seems that most of us got a lot done today, which is great. Much more pieces will be put into place by the end of the week and I'm forever thankful for it. It's all pretty exciting, I'll write more as it happens!

I really could use one big field trip. I should start saving up for that, well, I guess it would help if I decided where I wanted to go/ what I wanted to do first. :P Another thing to add to the to-do list! There are too many other things that can be taken care of, but it's nice to daydream as extra motivation.

Man, I just have to say it- there's a lot of junk one has to sort through to get to the good stuff, lol. Diamond in the rough and needle in a haystack are severe understatements. Well, we shall all persevere :D

The days are full of errands lately, so that mostly accounts for the lack of rambling. My apologies, I know you are as heartbroken about it as I am.

Um... How about this? The That Will Buff Out Blog!
With gems such as this: "Car + Barnacle = Carnicle?"
funny car photos

Okay, it may not qualify as a gem per se, but it is a smirk-worthy time-waster!

That's all from me today- hope you enjoy! :D

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