Friday, April 23

052. What's Next?

I should be keeping this fairly brief (well, brief for me) because I'm starting to feel under the weather again in a head cold kind of way. Some combination of working with a bunch of sick kids all day, the crazy weather, and my just as crazy sleep schedule have me feeling like something is coming on.

I finally got the last crucial piece of the puzzle I needed to take care of a lot of things that have been plaguing me the past week. I've gotten anything I deemed urgent done, figured out what I had some leeway on, and decided to put the rest on hold- no matter how important they are- until later. I just can't try to take on everything all at once, especially if there is not a dire need to do so. I'm already high-strung and neurotic as it is, lol. So, I've gotten enough off of my shoulders to not continuously panic and maybe I/we can do something this weekend that would actually be plain ol' fun! I'm excited and partly because I feel that I have done enough lately to actually deserve this down/ free time. Imagine that. :P

I really wish I had something to make my posts less boring lately. Well, I'm sure I do somewhere, but I'm too out of it to really realize what that is right now. ... Nope, lol. Well, I promise to post pictures of something over the next... three days. I'll figure it out, ha ha!

I am more gone than I initially thought, so I'll leave this be and continue with cooling my face off with a Sprite can. Until tomorrow! Lol <3

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