Saturday, April 17

046. Revamps and Recipes

Well, I somehow got an urge to try to rearrange a few things on my blog yesterday and today. To sum it up, I got really frustrated and this is as good as it's going to get for now, lol. I guess the lack of sleep combined with various other factors have led me to be increasingly cranky the past few days and I ended last night being quite cranky and sulky for very little reason. I'm getting better today thanks to a lot of moral support from the SO.

I did use my angry energy to kick myself into gear and ended up dusting the majority of the surfaces in the house (it was pretty intense), packing away my cold weather clothes to free up some space in the room, and helped install new low beam headlights. Lol, I find it really funny how proud I am to have taken part in that when all I really did was hold the flashlight, not lose screws, and hand over/ hold onto various tools while watching the entire process. :D Like a kid licking the spoon and saying they helped with baking cookies.

There is much more cleaning to be done this weekend and through next week since the boys have gotten the cooler up and running. It's blowing a significant amount of junk out of the vents and onto a lot of recently cleaned things throughout the house. :( On top of that, of course we're going to have pretty random weather over the next couple of days. It was getting pretty warm when we really got into fixing it up, we get it running just in time for it to be just as cool and refreshing outside, and I was just informed that tomorrow is going to be in the 90's- Monday is dropping to low 60s with chance of storms- staying pretty cold through the week- ending with probably 80's by the end. Really? We're going to have every single possible weather condition this week?

I'm pretty tired atm, but before I forget, I wanted to share a website I personally discovered today!! I love how it seems to be very user-orientated and run. Most of the recipes I've seen had tons of user submitted pictures of how their renditions of recipes turned out, they link to approved variations of the recipes, you can save your favorites (I have hesitated more and more with bookmarking everything I like because I seem to have hundreds of bookmarks now >_<) and then have a grocery list compiled of the appropriated ingredients, and quite a few let you submit the desired number of servings and adjust the recipe accordingly! Even right down to the comments section, this website is great! I believe the comments that were voted most useful (by other users) are listed near the top and these people seem to take things seriously. They offer personal solutions and alterations and explain what and why aspects of the recipes did or did not work for them. All very helpful. I love it already! The site as a whole sees very active as well! I can't wait to try out a bunch of recipes and share how my... experiments turn out here. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to post my results on the site as well :P We'll see.

I've geared up to try another recipe tomorrow! Actually, it was supposed to be today but plans were changed when family came in, lol. No big. Honestly, I'm just practicing different kinds of cooking and tomorrow's theme/ main ingredient is fish (again, not my favorite by any means), so I actually may only take a bite or two of what I make and then retreat to eating just rice. Horrible, I know, lol. I'm working on expanding my palette, I promise!

On a complete side note: my "M" key keeps sticking and I'm having a hard time figuring out why, but it's starting to really get on my nerves, lol.

More errands were run today and more will probably be run tomorrow, but that's okay. It's nice to get out of the house and into the world to see new things. Ooh, I should probably take a picture of a tree in the front yard that is sprouting all sorts of green stuff like crazy. I'm pretty sure it was bare about a week or two ago. I'm told it will get super fluffy when we're well into the summer.

Hm, on another completely off-topic side note: today was one of the kitty's birthday! His first. You know, not including his actual day of birth last year. He got a treat of canned soft food that he, of course, scarfed.

Man, I really need to cut myself off before this just becomes one tangent after another. Well, more than usual. :P See you again tomorrow! <3

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