Wednesday, April 21

050. You Fail, You Fraud

Today has not gone off to a good start at all.

I went to get a state-issued ID to make a couple things easier for myself. Or so I thought. Because I have four parts to my name, this has been apparently too hard for some people to process over the years. To make a personally upsetting and long story short, it was brought to my attention that my birth certificate, social security card, and old state id/ passport/ everything else I've ever legal signed have three different connotations of my name. Now, I have a bunch of aliases according to the government which is pretty much a list of my names in a mix-matched order. Won-der-ful. Either I've been writing my name wrong my entire life, or a few people that I've never met were too whatever to ask my folks how to properly write my name. Oh, and that everyone else that I've signed legal documents with or for have been too whatever to verify that I even existed. So. That leaves me with now fighting to get a new and corrected social security card OR going as far as to spend several hundred dollars to get a flippin' name change down at the courthouse (because I wouldn't be doing it due to a marriage/ divorce/ citizenship circumstance).

Why is it when I finally get the guts to do something that I feel is the responsible thing to do (on top of the neurotic amounts of research, time, and effort I put into prepping for the typical worst case scenarios), life enjoys punching me in the face and making me feel like a complete noob in a bad way? I was discussing/ venting about it to a dear friend and we likened it to being like the Bowser level in the Mario Party franchise. It's just a giant game of screw you. You rolled a 6 and landed on this spot- oops! You lose 8 kajillion coins and stars. You rolled a 3 and landed on that purple spot? Congrats, you jerk, now everyone has to punch a baby in the face. Really?! Really now?

I may have flipped out a little while I was on the phone with my mom trying to figure out what went wrong where. This also happened to be in a lobby area of a college campus where I was waiting to take a test (because I had taken the wrong form of the the test last Saturday and didn't find out that there was another and proper form to take until two days ago). Ugh. I am so disgusted with everything today.

On a semi-related sidebar, there were about half a dozen MVD (motor vehicle division) offices that were permanently closed down since the beginning of this year. You wouldn't think it had to do with the fact that we're the second most bankrupt/ in debt state or the fact that once you get a driver's license here it won't expire until your 65 years old?

On a semi-related note to the previous semi-related note, there was a bill that was passed in the past couple of days in this state that puts into action the fact that one is no longer required to have a permit to carry and concealed weapon. Oh, and recently they were discussing (I'm not 100% sure it's been completely passed already) how they were no longer requiring any waiting period, let alone a three day one, to buy a gun. Isn't that fantastic folks?! You pretty much, just have to be 21 years of age and you can get a gun and have it on you whenever and where ever you want! (Slight exaggeration, but I'm in a heated mood right now.) GRAWR! Yes, I understand that if I don't like it, I can just leave - not like this place is making it easy for me to become a resident anyways. I actually plan to. Especially before starting my own family in a few years. I do love a lot of things about this town and state, but it all has to do with individuals and what's left of the natural landscape.

Today has just made me want to /bash head on desk. I was so excited to be an official resident and re-register to vote within this state and to become an organ donor. T_T It's even Donate Life Month! Sigh. At least we started making jokes about how I was an unverifiable illegal alien of some sort, or had multiple personalities/ identities, or that the SO had an imaginary girlfriend. XD That last one was our favorite. It'll all get worked out. It's just another bump on the road because you can never be too prepared. It's just life. *takes deep breath.*

In the meantime, I'll just go ahead with my meetings and such tomorrow and try to do as much as I wanted to originally. I'm also going to continue trucking along with my shop too. Hooray for crafting.

Well, I don't know if I want to have anything more to write about atm, but I do want to remind all of you to seriously consider being proactive tomorrow for Earth Day and this month in regards to April being Donate Life Month! <3

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