Sunday, April 4

033. Pastel-fuls

Happy Easter/ Zombie Jesus Day to all!

We did even more hardcore cleaning and tidying up all this morning. It feels very liberating and open now in most of the high traffic areas. Very exciting. Even more exciting was the fact that everyone voluntarily chipped in and then got caught up in the moment and took on independent projects all over the house! Random lull in the middle of the day and then we planned a surprise for a friend. We ended up starting to cook the pot roast and then the girls got to... *drumroll* dye eggs! We only kind of made it through our attempts before everyone came together to finish prepping dinner and the table. It was quite yummy and we had fun. Hung out after dinner to digest a little and then it was onto strawberry shortcakes for desert! Yay!

Without further ado, here are pictures!

Holiday goodies throughout the house! 
(Including the Easter Egg Sugar Cookies from yesterday!)

The eggs! We didn't get to finish them today. 

Alright, on completely unrelated note. Blizzcon 2010 was recently announced! Well, it's location and date of being held. Again, it'll happen in Anaheim, which isn't far from their HQ, and it's October 22nd-23rd! Last year it was late August, so that gives us a few more months to save up! We daydreamed/ plotted to meet up with a few friends if we road tripped there. It would be so cool if we could manage to go! And I would totally do cosplay! Not very well, but I would, especially if a friend or two did it with me :D I'm a pack creature. Off to watch more of The Guild! Fantastic web series. End of nerd rant, lol. Aiee! I'm off to do more nerd-related research and recon! Teehee :D

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