Friday, April 9

038. But I Am Le Tired

If you know where that's from, XD. If you don't, I'll tell you when you're older. Probably tomorrow. I'm super checked out atm, so this will be brief. Also, it may not be in complete sentences.

My day: crazy kids in class- yay laundry!- kitties ate many bugs- spicy chili with a hot tentacle- yummy Asianesque chicken- craft plotting- conversed with a recently met person who gave me a lot of moral support and such a great idea that it may solve most of my biggest current worries!

Could not have asked for more. New bracelet pattern rolled out tomorrow even if it kills me. At the rate of tired I feel right now (horrid horrid grammar), that may very well be the case. Or it just may be a little portion of my soul shriveling up. Maybe Asian mart and um... wait, I was bribed with another stop... JoAnn's/ Michaels! Yay! Maybe. Idk if I'm up to it yet.

... 'Kay, bye! <3

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