Saturday, April 10

039. We're On Fiyah!

We're really not though. However, in the event that I was indeed on fire, my writing about it has a high probability of overlapping the occurrence. But of course my laptop would take forever to boot up and then take another million of years to load my homepage and my skin would be thoroughly charred and hinder my typing ability. I just assume it would be my hands on fire.

What on earth am I talking about? Lol. Anywho, I am actually referring to the fact that the Blaze friendship bracelet pattern has gone live at my Etsy shop! I kept my word about it being released by the end of the week! Hooray! It would not have happened if I had not gotten so excited about it when I told all of you about it and prepared the materials back then, lol.

Before I forget, the "But I am le tired!" line that I mentioned in yesterday's nearly incoherent blog post refers to a viral video from a few years back. I feel I should warn you, it is a bit PG-13, especially for language and some animated blood? "The End of the World." I found/ find it hilarious. :D

I haven't personally accomplished too much today. Some family have gotten new phones today, or at least ordered them. The SO is getting a fun one and I can't wait to play with it and probably kill its virtual soul. I abuse technology well. What can I say? I like pushing tech to their limits if I can, usually from making it OD, lol. At least I'm safe. Rofl, why doesn't this part of the rant seem slightly questionable? Because I'm me and naturally awkward. /hugs blog. It'll be okay blog, I heart you very much, and you've been quite the trooper too. When he gets it, I'll ask if I can post a generic picture of what it is. Pretty sexy gadget if I say so myself, not my first choice... or second for that matter, but sexy nonetheless.

I also managed to keep my personal promise to make the lovely Ms. Jenn's Short Ribs this weekend! My friend posted a delicious sounding/ looking recipe on her blog, Jabbering Jenn, so I wanted to try it myself! I was in a mild panic the entire time I prepped the meal (and almost stabbed myself in the kidney, almost chopped the tip of my finger off, etc.), but everyone would chip in their help and advice and it helped me manage to get from start to finish. And let me be the first to say that this recipe tasted absolutely AMAZING! So incredibly tender. We could not find any beef short ribs at the store that actually included the rib bones,  but despite all the setbacks, everyone adored this meal! It was voted by the whole family to go into my recipe book! Lol, I didn't think they remembered that I wanted to make one. Sadly for me, even her super simple directions were a bit advanced for a completely cooking noob like me. Again, I had a lot of advice being thrown my way the whole time, thank goodness, lol. Here are the goods!

I think it deserves to be a Large-sized picture. It was paired with homemade potato salad and vegetables.

I highly recommend this recipe! 
Thank you so much Jenn!

I don't know any better way to end today's post than with that yummy success! :P Until tomorrow! <3

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