Thursday, April 8

037. It Burns

Before I started on my planned rant, I just want to say that if I ever skip a number in naming my blog posts, I just had a brain fart. Please, let me know, lol. Then light a mental match. Kthx. XD

Well, after several months of living in the desert, my eyes still burn from the lack of humidity. And my nasal passages. I wonder how many years I have to log into this place before living ceases to sting. Ha ha! Another day working with the kiddies and it was distinctively better than Tuesday. I woke up 30 min before my alarm went off and tried to convince myself I was still sleeping for those oh so valuable minutes. Then I got out of bed anyways and chugged a Mountain Dew to get it over with. Good job, right? I'll learn how to drink coffee and not instantly tweak out one of these days. Like a real adult, lol. Oorah!

I actually brought something to work on during the total of two planning hours throughout the day. It was my bag of origami stars (and crane eggs)! People tend to be fascinated by it. I was still going well into the evening, but I guess with running almost completely on caffeine, my hands muscles have decided to go on a manual labor strike. I can't push or generate enough force to smush anything atm. It kind of makes me sad because I was making a ton of those suckers. Maybe, if I remember to, I can take a picture of all the folded paper. The alternative is that I get so carried way/ weary of the entire project and just dump them into my respective star baggies once I finish and they get all mixed up with their... um... older siblings? What? Idk, lol.

Side note: if I ever type something really weird, feel free to ask me whether it's a typo or some weird web slang I've picked/ made up throughout the years. During the first few times I use it, I will probably include a translation in parentheses, but never hesitate to ask what the heck I'm talking about, lol.

Had a great big haul in groceries today! And then came home to find out that the current state of the refrigerator would not sustain such a glorious bounty. XD I sound like I'm suffering gaming withdrawal, but I'm actually not, I swear! /sobs. Slowly, but surely I will organize and clean that bugger out! /cower.

With some creative placement/ shoving/ and forcing random household members to eat a couple of bulky things (XD) we managed to get anything that need to be refrigerated... refrigerated. I was going to do more purging tonight but I almost just dropped the cup I'm drinking because my hands have decided to stop working. Me dropping potentially potent glass jars sounds really scary. That chance is already high on a typical basis. One more day at school tomorrow and then I can come home to... clean the fridge and do laundry. Maybe cook dinner. Whoa, that sounds kind of boring, even for me. Ooh, I may have a crafting buddy and cooperative project tomorrow, so that may lighten things up. Or at least severely help me procrastinate. Regardless, I'm glad it will be for a good cause. One of the students is out terribly sick and who knows what may happen to them? Yes, it's that bad. Way too many details surrounding it that I'd rather not get into, but I hope everyone can send positive vibes into the nether to help out.

I feel I should make this post a little less rant-y. How about a picture? Or a few... dozen?

 An older paper pack.

A few samples. I seem to be pretty into graphic patterns, huh.

180 Sheets for $9.99. Can you say love?

They're pretty bright. Brighter than these pictures, silly flash creating glare.

Same deal as the one above! Die Cuts With a View is great! So is Jo-Ann's!

Way too cute. Again, brighter in person. I'll fix the sideways-ness eventually. Maybe. 

But you get the idea. To cute, right? Well, I like 'em. I think the stitched stars are my favorite pattern! It just seems all too fitting for the crafting mood I've been in lately. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel bad about covering up backgrounds that are really elaborate and already have pictures and scenes of their own (much like that last photo)? Yeah... I love to fit as many pictures as I possibly can into my albums. And then I like to add souvenirs and mementos all over. Of course, I have to add in some journaling or else it's a glorified photo album. Yes, I did my research (when do I not? :P Oh yeah, when I'm the living dead.) and I know the requirements, lol. 

Alright, that's more than enough for now. You're so spoiled. ^_~ Until tomorrow!

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