Tuesday, April 20

049. Colors Spinnin' 'Round

Erm. I thought I had pictures to add to today's post, but apparently I was sadly mistaken, lol. Again, one of those, I was more tired than I initially thought moments/ days. Like now, I've been distracted about five times already just trying to start this entry off.

Hm. Oh! One of the boys that I mentioned yesterday, the one that saved me a seat at snack time (Aw!), we found out/ realized that yesterday had been his birthday! Gallant attempts were made to semi-celebrate it in class today, not that it really mattered to him since he had been celebrating with his family for the past week. Psh, we don't need to know/ do anything, silly classroom adults, lol. Idk, it kind of makes me feel all the more special that he asked me to sit with him on his birthday *^_^* (that's a blushing face, btw, :D).

Been trucking through with stuff from my shop lately. Finished a custom order for a friend complete with pictures I'll eventually post once it is received. It also kicked me into even high gear with how I've neglected the Awareness/ Remembrance section of my shop. Most of this evening was dedicated to doing research into what causes the months of April and May observed and their respective representative colors. This is in addition to seeking out reputable and trusted organizations for said causes so that potential supportive donations may be made in the future. This may sound a little mean but, if you can't decide on even a color to represent your cause, how do you expect to collectively raise a significant amount of support and awareness? The search will go on tomorrow. I do my best to pair up similar causes in the bracelets I make, but it's pretty hard. Especially when everyone starts using the same three colors. :( I don't want to look like I'm copping out by rearranging the same hues over and over again but I really put a lot of thought and effort into finding all of this stuff out and I'm only given so much to work with. Roar.

I'm hoping to try my first recipe from AllRecipes this weekend! We're voting and throwing out ideas of what it could be about. Oh! Just a reminder, Earth Day is this Thursday (April 22nd)! Find a tree to plant/ hug and start up some new recycling habits or something! :D I'm almost completely spacing out but I'm already dreading getting up early tomorrow to run errands that include going to the MVD (Motor Vehicles Division, where I'm from it was the DMV and now all of the jokes I've heard are jumbled in my head) :( Wish me luck with that! I think the main family project for tomorrow is prepping for bulky trash day :O I don't know how much help I would be with my severe lack of upper body strength. You know, on top of my overall lack of body strength... lol. It could be a complete disaster of a day and chances are, if it is, I'll have a picture or two to show you to prove it. :P Well, I'm out for tonight and I'll have some pictures of my crafty work posted soon!

Until tomorrow, <3!

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