Wednesday, April 14

043. Running High

Life seems to be running high on drama and therefore frustration at every turn lately. Yes, yes I know that this is life- get used to it- etc. That doesn't mean it still doesn't suck. Lol. More plans and errands canceled today and I've just thrown my hands up at the cosmos and agreed to wait until next week to tackle those projects again. In the meantime, I'll tackle the other half of projects I was saving for next week right now. I finally decide to turn right and the world has worked against me to let me know I'm going left instead and taking a side street later on, lol. Fine, you win, World. Hope you're happy because I just want to punch you in the face.

Anyways. I'm in better spirits today despite all of this because it's the Two Year Anniversary of the SO and I dating. Got to go to the store and grab much needed colors of string for a couple of recent custom orders :D It's nice to reflect and be grateful for the time together. Despite how discouraged and frustrated I've been recently, I still am grateful for where I am and how I got here. I took huge personal strides and have surprised myself the most with what I've accomplished. I know it'll get better and I also know that much of that will be the result of the hard work I intend to keep doing to make it happen. And I can't thank the people who help me along the way enough.

The grammar in the paragraph feels horrible, lol. However, it's heartfelt, so it can stay. :) Tomorrow, I'm back with working with the kids again. Yay! I feel significantly better and staying at home has driven be pretty bonkers. Sigh, our resident jungle kitty has briefly escaped again and after being caught, is one perturbed dude. Because of this, he is not going to receive the flattering picture I was referring to yesterday.

Here is our guy being forced to take a bath by his younger cousin. 
Take that kitty.

I also have a couple more photos to share today! Hooray for not being all mopey/ angsty today! Here we go!

This was the little baby snake I talked about yesterday. He was not very good at slithering just yet. :D

And last, but certainly not least!

It's a gorgeous view that I saw sitting in the passenger seat today as we were parked in the bank's drive through lane. Lol, pretty random, hm? I still thought it was breathtaking and I'm really happy with how the picture turned out. The weather has become much warmer but with the leftover breezes of passing storms and whatever fronts, we've had a lot of absolutely beautiful days outside lately. Even got to go out on the bike for a brief errand while the car was in the shop. :(/ :D Mixed feelings about that. I've grown to love riding on bikes, and by bikes, I mean motorcycles. I will probably never drive one myself, but I don't mind tagging along anymore! 

Oye, I should get ready for tomorrow because I'll be absolutely useless in the morning. So, good night and I hope you have enjoyed today's more positive post. <3

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