Saturday, May 1

060. Oh Happy Day!

Buckle up! Today is a hefty read!

*sings the song from Sister Act* Oh happy day (oh happy day), Oh happy day (oh happy day)... Lol. Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Can you guess what I've been up to today? Well, aside of wanting to crawl back into bed after only sleeping 5 hours, I have been working on paper crafting (currently translated into card-making) and checking out the festivities throughout the internet in honor of this fun day. Also took a mini field trip to the local JoAnn's store. I'm still a bad influence with my impulse shopping and oozing of information and enthusiasm for all things crafty. I must say, I think I behaved rather well today. I wanted to try out a new aspect of paper craft and was torn between further exploring stamping, delving into paper punches, or trying something new with brad/ eyelet embellishing or ribbons.

I know I'm never going to go completely nuts with ribbon or punches, it's not too much my thing even after watching YouTube videos that detailed tours of different craft rooms. Some people have borderline obscene amounts of ribbon. I understand it but holy cow! Think of the selection of ribbons at your local craft or hobby store and imagine it in someone's office space. Yeah, I'm actually not exaggerating, you can find those videos online yourself!

I haven't spent a significant amount of time daydreaming about what I would have in my dream craft room or anything... :D The SO has already promised that down the line, he'd custom build me my own space- especially the storage. I've done some research (surprise, surprise) into how much those white MDF cubicle things cost and wow. That is pretty hefty. I know avid crafters are pretty good bargain hunters but I'm a tad too impulsive and impatient more often than not. He took a look at some of the designs and pictures I pulled up of ideas and wholeheartedly agreed that we'd probably be able to build anything my heart desired in terms of storage for (at most) a quarter of what companies are charging. I can't wait, lol.

I'm by far not the neatest person on the planet (whomever started that ridiculous rumor that girls were neater than guys was completely insane) but I do like to organize things. Granted, I'm much more comfortable with organizing other people's things but I think that's because I'd rather figure out someone else's pre-existing system and run with it and make it better, than to utilize my own. Mine kind of consists of dumping everything out in a large open space, painstakingly sorting it all out, and then carefully putting it all away tetris-style. Lol. It's very, very tedious and easily discouraging. Once everything has it's place, however, I'm a lot better at not just throwing things in drawers or piling it up somewhere. Anywho, if the SO and I continue to work out and we earn our very own home down the road, it has been agreed that I will get my own little nook with customized furniture to I can organize and craft to my heart's content and not be a nuisance all over the house or in his personal space, lol. Good deal, eh?

Back to my original thought of the field trip today, I got a few tiny spools of ribbon for a dollar each, just to try that out. I decided to hold off on starting what would end up being a monster obsession with embellishments and I decided to keep saving some money for when I can get further involved with Stampin' Up. They have paper, punches, embellishments, and coordinating ribbon on top of high-quality stamping products. I'd rather save up for a few really nice and beloved pieces than to instantly satisfy the desire (not need, as much as I may feel it is sometimes,XD) to get into more stamping now.

I also got a pair of new silver opapque markers because mine have run it's course after about... I want to say 2.5 years. It's my way of adding a little sparkle/ sheen to the tiny cuts I'm making with my Cricut lately. I also got a simplistic border punch (my first!) to add a nice touch to my cards. It's a scallop with tiny diamonds at the peaks. I'm pretty into doing my research about the products and then starting off my collection/ investment (got to use fancy wording to minimize any financial guilt, lol) with the basics that I feel are pretty versatile. However, I already totally know what things I'd splurge on that are not as nearly as versatile pieces as well. XD

And last but not least, the mono-adhesive that I have been using (it's not the best, but it has worked and been fairly easy to use) was in fact a pack of refill spools for an actual roller-handle-do-hickey. Lol. I was wondering why they would bother making a wheel to hold the used tape but make me manually wind it every five to ten seconds. It's because the holder is supposed to do it for me! /facepalm and /headdesk. I think my life just got 2% easier with this revelation! Maybe I won't break or screw up the tape 30% of the time. I like to make up percentages that have no criteria or relative scale to one another. Ha ha! So, let's get to the eye candy already!

Because of all the festivities today, I tried to keep working with my old cutting mat, but thanks to a certain awkward gawky cat, it was covered in dusty filth. I tried, but gave in and decided to switch to a brand spankin' new mat! Here are side by side comparison pictures, also including a lit shot so you can be reminded of the damage I did to my original mat when I tried to re-tacky it.

Here is a card that I started working on yesterday that I (like I said I would) added some sentiments and decor to. I actually touched other cartridges today!

Here are a few more that I made today, mostly inspired by the National Scrapbook Day challenges/ celebrations over at

On unrelated (to crafting) notes-

Yesterday the package I was expecting actually arrived! I'm very happy with the service that 1-800-Flowers provided. I was inspired to use them after seeing the CEO's appear on the show, 'Undercover Boss'. 
It was a Gardenia Bonsai for the SO's mom for a birthday/ Mother's Day present. 

This is the plate of ribs that the SO ordered when we went to one of our favorite local haunts. 

The bonsai came with a bag of rocks and potted. S/he is already three years old and about to bloom! I think the FMIL (future mother-in-law, lol) counted about 40 buds! How amazing is that? She absolutely loved it and we all can't wait for it to bloom like crazy- always sneaking sniffs when we walk by it.

Each slab of ribs were about the size of my face. He finished half and saved the rest to satisfy his craving for ribs later. That's a baked potato next to it for comparison. When he was cutting into it, it somehow splatter across my arm and shirt even though I was sitting next to him. None of us could figure out how that happened. Sitting next to the SO/ being near him is such a hazard. As if I wasn't already a big enough hazard to myself. XD I should remember to tell the hummingbird story here some day. 

I do believe enough is enough today. :) Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow! <3

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