Sunday, May 2

061. Rockin'

I have recently discovered and fallen in love Charice's single, "Pyramid" from her debut album. I heard her for the first time when I saw a tribute to David Foster on PBS maybe about a year ago? Totally mind-blowing.

Here's the official music video:

This is the same song again, but a video of them in singing it in the studio:

She is having such a blast singing it in latter video that I think I may like it just a bit more! Lol.

I decided to make a post a little early just because today is scheduled to be packed with a lot activity. It's super gusty and windy out (>_<) but we're hoping that won't ruin our surprise plans for FMIL's birthday celebration. /crosses fingers. We're hoping to take her to a local (but non-living) cave and they are having a special butterfly demonstration this afternoon. I'm not quite sure if the butterflies are going to manage to survive these winds though! Watch them be blown into the next state. Sadness, lol. We'll see and this is why I wanted to call today's post Rockin' with the great music and potential to be surrounded by a lot of rocks today. Lol. If we're lucky, I won't be too pooped tonight to post photos. Maybe even a video? That might be pushing it, lol. Wish us luck! <3 And should you ever see this, Happy Birthday!

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