Tuesday, May 11

070. A Moment Of Silence

I'm making today short and sweet as well as asking for a moment of silence (as well as some borrowed strength) for the household because today the decision was made to put down the puppy. He wasn't a puppy, was actually several years old, but still. He was one of the family's babies. Those of us who could, brought him into a local animal hospital and we chose to be with him to the very end. It was incredibly hard to let him go. I don't have great pictures of him, especially because whenever I tried to take a picture of either dog, they'd get all excited and give me a: Waitwhat? Areyoulookingatme? Omgpetme! Petmenow!- look and would charge at me so most pictures I have are pretty much of them bowling me over. Since this a recent picture I posted not too long ago when he was not in very good shape, here's a little snippet of his beautiful (and dry) fur from the side:

R.I.P. Harley Urp Jackson
We love you so much.
Good boy, Jack, good boy.

He was very sweet and is in such a better place right now where he doesn't hurt anymore. He can be a puppy again and watch over us until we meet again. It all went pretty quickly, so that was good. I hope his constant companion sister by love will take it well once it sinks in that he won't be back because he's gone home. We may not be terribly religious, but I'll be darn to say we're not very spiritual. The rest of the evening has been subdued but full of sharing memories and talking about all his lovable traits. Such a sweet mini horse. ^_^

I can't keep typing anymore so, until tomorrow. <3

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