Sunday, May 30

089. Now I Know Why

Now I know why garlic kills vampires. It's almost like the glitter of the food-smells world! I tried to make my favorite food for the first time today:

Fettuccine Alfredo! 

Well, I'm thinking that fettuccine alfredo with chicken is my favorite dish, but I wasn't going to waste good chicken on a sauce that was experimental. No, no, that's no bueno. Lol. As nice as the family was about it, the SO and I agreed that it wasn't all that great in our opinions. Not to say that it sucked or anything, but we are kind of snobby in that we can be quite particular. And occasionally harsh about that, lol. I'm super grateful that we get that way about the same kinds of things. Otherwise, life would... be really hard for us as a team. XD

The other day, FMIL and I picked up some supplies for a couple of gift-making projects we are in the midst of doing. With that, we found some clear decorative rocks at the dollar store and it was just what I've been looking for! Grocery stores have been a bust and I haven't had the time to snag them while at the craft store. But come on, a dollar per bag of different colors and shapes? How could I pass that up? I've always loved those rocks... Anyway, I digress more than usual. Here is the result:

It's Lucy!

A close-up of Lucy the Lucky Bamboo's... um... butt?
Lucy's Home. We'll go with home.
(I just discovered that Blogger has the strikethrough feature! Hooray! Lol)

There's a layer of dark blue squares at the bottom, a cerulean/ sky blue above it, then light sea-foam green/ mint, which is covered by a rich green, some of the former lavender, and all topped with a mixture of cloudy white, opaque white, and clear rocks. Some of the clear rocks have a swirly streak of opaque white in them too. I think she looks a lot prettier in reality, but that's just me. I think I'm her mama. If I somehow kill her, I'm not. 

Don't you just love the little things in life? And when good karma starts to pay off? Well, I felt like that today when FMIL (I only call her that here mostly jokingly because it's a pretty easy nickname to type, btw.) brought home a little something for me during her errands today.


The two tall, mostly primary colored bunches of ribbon are what she found at Target in the dollar bin! I snapped a picture of my budding ribbon collection just because I was excited that it's growing. The ones from today are only 18 inches each but that's enough for at least three cards per spool! Anyway, I think they were really cute and that it was a super kind gesture. Apparently, I'll work ten hour days for lunch and craft supplies. Yeah, that sounds about right. Rofl. Man, just looking at this picture makes me want to crank out a couple of cards! Ugh! So cute. 

As you can probably tell by now, I've more or less have figured out a way to upload and post pictures today that doesn't take a million of years. It took some messing around with my camera for a few minutes, but that's better than hours on end abusing my computer. I should find the camera manual to see if I can permanently change those settings... hm. 

Our kitty had a mini adventure today for a few minutes. He got to go outside because his daddy felt sorry for him, lol. So spoiled. 

The handsome boy.

Covered in dirt sandy ground dust.
Blatantly missing the quail at the bottom of the hill.

He is just too funny/ special. I love how my camera has a bright sunlight mode. I think it really helped these come out nicely. He gets outside and immediately flops on the floor and rolls around. It's as if he's cuddling with the ground to smell like the outdoors or camouflage himself, lol. He almost went a little too far away for comfort when he was next to the pile of mesquite branches, but we wanted to see if he would notice the quail that was maybe fifteen to twenty feet away. As you can see from the last picture, neither would doing a very good job at being vigilant. Aww... hunting fail. Lol. He did notice a few seconds later and crouch down to avidly watch it wandering around. The thing is, we know where his family nests and he was actually trying to distract kitty by moseying in a different direction. Before kitty could fully consider pouncing at the bird, his dad snatched him up and brought him inside. I don't know, it would have been pretty amazing trying to weaving through all the cacti to keep kitty from attempting to kill the quail or vice versa. /end sarcasm. :P

:( I can still smell garlic on my hands. Well, that's it from me for today. Have fun tomorrow but celebrate safely and take time to remember that it's actually Memorial Day and you wouldn't be able to do what you are doing if it weren't for many very brave individuals that are no longer with us. Thank you, <3 and RIP.

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