Wednesday, May 19

078. Baby Mama Drama

 I'm a bit more lucid today than I was yesterday, thank goodness. Just a bit. I spent most of my day off with watching this bird nest out on a beam above the porch. It's the second batch of babies this specific bird couple have raised this spring in that nest. The little ones were fed about five times more than usual today and there was one in particular that was constantly standing on the edge of the next, preening itself, and fluttering its wings. We were sure it was going to take its first flight today and didn't want to miss it/ be able to stave off the dog should it fall. After several false alarms that I would call the SO over to see, he was out there taking a closer peek at them and accidentally goaded the baby bird into flying. And, of course, I missed it. Just my luck! Ugh! *disgusted sigh* XD Well, that baby made it to a bush-tree at the other end of the yard and hung out while the parents continued to call out to its siblings cries of encouragement.

Throughout the day there were tons of avian drama. Other bigger birds hunting for bugs too close to the nest were bombarded by the protective parents. Another bird couple of the same species (it was a little brown-ish bird with a red chest, well the dad  anyways) were eye-balling a half built nest a few beams over and that caused a lot of aerial warfare. I even saw the momma bird trying to bribe her babies to try flying with the promise of food. She eventually gave in to their whining and fed them anyways. Lol, it was all pretty fascinating. At one point, the two kitties were "hunting" all the birds by laying/ crouching by the sliding glass door and doing their chirp calls. Those noises are so hilarious. They sound a lot like: "Eheheheheheh!" and at one point one was cooing in confusion instead. One of these days, those calls will work and a bird will magically open the door and fly itself right into their mouths because that how it's supposed to work, right? XD

Chatted it up with my baby brother for a little while today, which was great. And, after much deliberation and some head banging on the keyboard, I *minor drum roll* booked my flight to visit my family this summer! Hooray! I decided to stay for almost a month! /gasp. It's going to be really weird, but I wanted to have plenty of time to spend with a few people I've really missed since moving out here. Heck, I haven't been able to spend very much time with them for the past 5 years. So, I'm very excited and want to start prepping goodies to bring home. I'm heavily debating just packing up a carry-on duffel bag and bring an empty suitcase home to fill with new things once I get there. :D That may very well be what will actually end up happening. XD

I also did quite a bit of card-making today as part of thank you kits/ gifts for several people at school. I'll try to upload them soon. my computer has had a pretty hard time dealing with any sort of media this week. It's really pretty frustrating. Oh! The kids get to work with the Cricut again tomorrow. I've started prepping cutouts of characters they picked out earlier this week that will go on the covers of their special handmade summer vacation travel logs. Almost half of the kids are moving onto kindergarten next year so that's going to be really sad and tough. The SO's mom and I are putting together kits for all the kids. The copies of "The Tiny Seed" arrive from Scholastic today. They have been paired with tiny baggies full of Butterfly & Bird Wildflower seeds. I think there are gifts bags around here somewhere that will hold the travel log, book with seeds, stickers, various wallet-size photos, and a bunch of their school work that has been hanging from the classroom. Those lucky ducks. I'm going to miss them. Hopefully, I'll get a chance or two to visit next school year and see some of the younger kids in class or the older kids wandering around the school.

On top of prepping the gifts for the kids, we've also been brainstorming and prepping thank you gifts for the adults/ co-workers that have worked with the kids on a regular basis. So far it includes my handmade cards, more wallet-sized pictures, and a mini memory book kit complete with papers, stickers, and embellishments. Next week, most of these people will still be working (the regular classes don't end until next Friday) but there are some that are done this week. So the crunch is totally on. Just trying to keep track of it all in my head is overwhelming! Oye, I actually still have to prep a couple more materials for the next two days worth of activities so I guess I should get back to that now and attempt to go to bed at a semi-decent hour. Here's hoping, right? :P

Until tomorrow! <3

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