Tuesday, May 4

062. Such A Diva

Today's rant is not nearly as interesting as it's title may imply. Sorry. :D Lol.

I'm pretty flippin' tired today so I'll briefly recollect today today. ... Um, I should probably change that sentence but I don't think I will, lol. Funny how I would rather write an entire sentence commenting about the weird things I do when I could have taken the less than or equal to amount of energy to fix my weirdness. XD

School was fine, today, one of the kids got to play the role of teacher during the opening routine, it was really pretty cute. He put on the guitar, sang the good morning song while trying to play it at the same time! He also gave out the names to do attendance and led the calender count. We also marched in a mini parade around the room for music time and I got to lead it for a little bit in the afternoon, that's when you know we're desperate to keep going, lol. Both classes made paper tacos as well, which was really fun to prep and make.

Person 1 (teasingly): "Oh no! You guys got taco stuff all over the floors! I don't like it when it gets all messy in the kitchen!"
Me: "Sorry. Does that mean we're going to get paper ants now?"

Lame humor like that is greatly appreciated in the moment and while dealing with kids, lol. We do get ants when kids leave food stuffs behind, so we teach them that and how to eat snacks neatly. This exchanged happened around the kids too, so I ended up making paper ants, lol. I can't help doing silly things like that. :P

Fast-forwarding, I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Using a recipe I found at the grocery store, I used linguine, made garlic bread out of wheat toast, and stuffed the large meatballs with cubes of Velveeta cheese. :D Nothing too special and I forgot to take a picture of it. It was satisfying and satisfactory.

Backtracking a bit, remember Lucy? My new lucky bamboo? I was meaning to dress her up a bit, so I tried to get some supplies while at the grocery store. We had to improvise so she could actually move in today, but here is what her home looks like now!

The top layer of stones are a bright red, but the middle stones are actually a pale lavender. The bottom layer is just her original batch of rocks. It took some maneuvering to get this arrangement just right, so I started calling her a diva for being so difficult. :) I can't wait to see her continue to grow. She has such humble origins, lol.

Sigh, I really can't wait to catch up on sleep tonight and tomorrow. I hope I can get work done for my shop as well as other personal projects (Some that include traveling! Yay!). We'll see! Until tomorrow, <3

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