Sunday, May 23

082. Memory Fail?

I'm still heading into the classroom tomorrow despite the kids being gone for the summer and I hope to completely overhaul the system for the children's books. I really hope I have enough time because I think it would totally help to have all those picture books sorted and cataloged before being packed away. Wish me luck!

The rest of the gifts that were needed for this week have been 90% taken care of as of this morning so that was great. Then came the much needed (imo [in my opinion]) grocery shopping which resulted in a lot of yogurt and fruits, lol. I also met one of the parents of one of our kids! They have the exact same soft blue eyes; it was so amazing! XD During that trip, we decided to pick up some containers to put cereal in since one of out boxes was recently infested and thrown away nearly full! /cry. They were a bit pricey, but are translucent with user-friendly tops. They are also freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-friendly! I just think the cereal looks cute/ spiffy in them. Yes, I just used the word 'spiffy', get over it, lol.

It made me realize how much I do like organizing and such. It's a little thrilling, I must say. I can't wait to overhaul the kitchen as a surprise later on this summer! I should probably plot out what kind of organizing containers I'll mostly likely need to purchase... Memo to self: explore tangent later. Ha ha! We also picked up some oh-so yummy rotisserie chicken(s) and had that a for a super late breakfast/ late lunch/ early dinner. With plain rice from last night! Because I had made waaay too much for the fried rice! We have leftovers of that too. Hello, this week's lunches! XD

Speaking of organizing, but not really related, I got in the scrapbooking mindset again. I keep saying I've been into paper-crafting lately, but what that has really translated into is card-making. I've been researching and learning ideas for scrapbooking but haven't done any since... December? Holy frioles! I think that's right because that's around the time after I got my Cricut and made a sweet little scrapbook for my best friend before she went to study in Japan for the semester! Something to remember the past four or so years by, :P. I loved how it had turned out! We both did, actually, lol. Whoa. That's pretty bad on my behalf. My first attempt at scrapbooking was chronicling the SO and my first year of dating. I want to say I started that... two Februaries ago. Februarys? Erm... the former spelling seems more fun, so we'll just stick with that for now. :P Oh wait, February of 2009. So.. oh wait. Alright, my original statement was correct. Nevermind!

Ugh, I must be more deliriously tired that I realize with all this finding everything extra funny and wonkiness. Anyways, it's been a while since I've worked on it because we hit roadblocks with ideas for page designs. We started working and making this scrapbook when we lived across the country from each other and before I did any research into layouts and such. I just started picking out a random pad of paper, printing out a ton of pictures, and adding more pages than is probably advisable to the album we picked out. Sidebar: stylized florals on albums and embellishments is so in right now, it's insane! I'm already not a huge flowers girl, but to find an album that was not too frou-frou but not a plain and solid color or expensive like leather bound or child- oriented has been so insane this past year! Ok, back to the regularly scheduled rambling. I've learned a lot or at least have found many resource sites and books now to help with not getting stumped. I still do prefer catering my pages to the pictures I'm using though.

It's two pages from being finished layout-wise, but I picked up the scrapbook again and started to use my beloved Cricut (What else did I get it for?!) to fill in some glaringly empty spots. I still love flipping through it from time to time (and even showing off the unfinished product to friends) because I'm still so proud of it. That thing Will be finished by the end of the year. I also may have finally picked out the album for the next scrapbook. /sheepish grin. I had already started picking out uploaded photos to add to it, but I'm not sure we can make it into a "this is what happened during our second year of dating" sequel deal. Not as many pictures of new field trip-like outings, we have done a lot more of the normal and everyday stuff that we missed out on by living so far away. It should still be fun and as goofy as we are. It will also hopefully be a lot simpler to do this time around. /crosses fingers. One can only hope. Bless the SO's heart, he's quite the trooper trudging along after me when I'm flipping out over organizational tools and crafting goodies. He can be extra supportive with giving input when he wants to be too, lol. I'll think about posting a few sneak peeks of the original book once I figure out what my camera's malfunction is.

Some random good news, well good for me, is that I've calmed down over the recent release of Cricut cartridges. I shall be content with what I have once my latest one arrives in the mail. I need to challenge myself with getting my own creative juices flowing and stop needing someone else to inspire me. I know I have it in me, I'm just so rusty with so much enthusiasm that it's hard to wait for that light bulb  to go off in my head.

Not like it's a bright light bulb or anything. Right now, I think the hamster in my head is rocking the wheel back and forth with his hind legs as he's batting at the flickering light bulb dangling just past his tiny fingertips. I hope he doesn't finally fall out and yank the thing from the ceiling. I wonder if that would hurt. Imeanwhat?

Rofl. I need to head to bed. Agreed? Agreed. Until tomorrow, my dearies, <3

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