Thursday, May 20

079. Greetings

I was much more enthusiastic about starting today's entry earlier but then realized I was still pretty frustrated/ aggravated by the attitudes of some people today. Then that set my mind off on a tangent that left me pretty angry for the remainder of the afternoon. The good news is I learned a few bits and pieces of good news throughout the day!

The kids had fun with the Cricut, I only made a handful of mistakes, lol. A lot of their stuff and memorabilia went home with them today. The FMIL and I are still signed up for the workshop that I've still very excited about. I'm having a hard time choosing what to order, but I can always ask questions and opinions when the time comes. Right now that's one of the biggest things I have to look forward to. After that, I have to really focus on my exam assessment and then... I think the next thing I have to prepare for is my trip back to Florida! Hooray! I'm trying to keep enthusiastic about it. Sigh. Let's just get to some good stuff already! Lol.

First off, my baby brother was accepted into a college! Hooray! I'm so excited for him and proud. We're starting to reconnect and I was getting him to chat online with me and our cousin. At one point we were discussing prom and he pretty much said "A lot has changed with how kids do prom since you've done it!" Excuse me? Since when did I become old? Prom and the things that kids do surrounding it has been the same since it's conception, thank you very much. That, and no terrible pun intended, lol. My cousin noticed and thought it was hilarious how I started putting in phrases like "back in my day" and "whipper-snappers." I enjoy using really dated sayings, even if they were before my time. My brother doesn't go totally teenager with things like "You don't understand anything I'm going through!" on me, but he does get caught up in it from time to time and I find it funny now that I've outgrown enough of it. I'm still quite protective and I do really want him not to make the same mistakes I did, but I know I can't live my life again through/ for him. Good lesson to learn before having kids, aye? It was good to catch up with the younger folk today. I hope to make a healthy habit of it.

Hm, more good news... in the Cricut world it was the beloved 'Hello Thursday'! They also have a 'Green Wednesday' where they launch a sale on select cartridges. Anywho, 'Hello Thursday' is about introducting new product! They have been giving us a sneak peek for a couple of weeks now and the only themes I could identify were feline, power tools, rocker, monster, and cutesy- girly. Well, here is what ended up being introduced today! Click on the pics to learn more about each!

Toy Story! Not picture of the cartridge, obviously, 
but it's just in time for this movie!
What are the odds? *eye roll* Still super cute.

Wall D├ęcor and More. Fairly stylized images and phrases.
(Say that five times fast! Sorry, I had to say that. :P)
has posted all the images from this cart that she cut out in vinyl!

"Freshly Picked" I feel resembles carts like "In My Garden,"
but they just keep getting better and better.
It includes a really cute feature of cutting out seed packets too. : )

"Cindy Loo" reminds me of Cindy Lou Who from
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Lol.
Really sweet and cute images on this card,
complete with 3-D objects like a crown, I believe.

And the one that I'm most excited about:

"Mini Monsters"! 
Ahh!!! Lol.

Just when I thought my life was complete with "Create a Critter" and merely enhanced by the "Robotz" from the last "Hello Thursday," this oh-so-cute cartridge is released! Well, previewed. The "Toy Story" cart is estimated to be released on July, while the rest are scheduled to be released some time during June. I am too in love. Provocraft is jam packing these things with more and more features and images that are really in style but classy and adding 3-D cuts more and more often. I have yet to do one, but I will one of these days! /shakesfist. Lol. I highly encourage you to check out the images that are currently out for these releases. The day they come out, I believe is when they post the digital version of the handbook that comes with the cartridge. The handbook tells you how to use the cart and shows you all the images you can cut. 

"Mini Monsters" has definitely made it to my must-have list, which isn't all that long in all honesty, lol. So many things going on! Yay, I'm all excited and more cheery again. Hooray! Lol. My soul does hurt just a little over not instantly having my top two must-haves of the moment, but I'll give it time and search around for a super good deal. Thanks to The Pink Stamper, I have found out about the great companies of Custom Crops and Hallmark Scrapbook which seem to have great deals on cartridges (among many other various crafting goodies) the moment they come out! Why pay the full $80-90 when you can snag it at any time for $32-45? No need to hound the print ads and then miss out on the best deal because you wanted to hold out just in case there's a better deal around the corner. Nah, if I want- I want it and don't want to play games. Anywho, great resources are fun. :D

So that's what I'm currently obsessing over and that's helping me get through my day today. I hope you enjoy! Until tomorrow, <3!

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