Saturday, May 15

074. Opening Pandora's Box

We were trying to time making dinner tonight for it to be semi-convenient for everyone. It's tacos! Hooray! We grated cheese, sliced lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cooked some beans, and even heated up the shells. Aaand no one felt like eating when SO's mom and I were done. Really? /headdesk. So more of the fresh stuff for her and I. Boys can be so lame sometimes. Lol.

I may have caved in earlier when I went to pick up some more cardstock to bring into class and added a small pack of brads to my basket. I have a weakness for anything shiny... it can be a gemstone or iridescent stickers, I'm not that picky. So, I'll try them out soon and post the results! FMIL and I have also signed up for a Stampin' Up workshop with a local demonstrator after school is finished. We can't wait! I'm pretty sure I've said at least half a dozen times here how beyond excited I am. I should figure out more creative ways of saying it.

Speaking of being creative, a dear friend of mine left me a message saying "I miss you like Barbara Walter misses her "R's"!" And I'm pretty sure I died laughing for a good 8 minutes. Then I told the SO and died again, lol. You are so great, Mr. Phoenix, and thank you for tuning into my blog! I hope you understood my rambling message about Pikachus. I'll feel pretty dumb if you don't. Lol.

Our postman finally got his card today! He even read it right there and left me a note in return. How sweet is that? Through that, we also learned his actual name. I always miss his visits and the boys always forget to ask when they talk to him, lol. Good game. I'm glad he liked it. Oh, I also finally remembered to get stamps! Let the card-sending marathon begin again!

I have recently discovered the wonder that is Pandora internet radio. It works best when you type in a song or artist that sums up your current musical mood, then it breaks down the song into its elements and creates a personalized playlist. You can let it know what songs you didn't agree with and it will remember not to play them again. I love it, the commercials are few and short. It also gives you options to find out more about the artists, reasons why it chose the songs, access to the lyrics, and an opportunity to purchase the songs you really like. It's helped keep me motivated with my catching up of crafting and I'm kind of in love. XD

Speaking of technology, kind of lol, we're going to continue computer building later tonight. It did cheer me up considerably and I found it fun learning more about the various specs. I have to tell you, this dream computer of mine is going to be a a real Beast! I think the best parts of it is the fact that we're building it together (insert gagging noises or aww's here) and that it's a totally attainable dream! We're planning far enough ahead to consider the amount of abuse I'll put it through plus allow plenty of room for the fact that technology changes faster than a lazy frat boy changes his underwear. nice visual aye? Lol, I can't get rid of it either, stupid brain.

On that lovely note, I should get back to work. See you tomorrow! <3

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