Wednesday, May 26

085. Reading About The Finish Line

Before I start rambling about today, I would like to point out that I caught myself with yesterday's title. It read "085. Out Of Order", which was supposed to be a statement about my brain's lack of function, not about anything sequential. Well, it was (and now reads) Day 84. Today is my 85th day of writing in my blog. Good game, me. :P

Lol, anyways. I have not started off this week's mornings well at all. I almost ran out of my room half dressed in order to start making sure I had everything for the day. I decided against it but it was a close call, lol. I think I pretty much woke up about 5 minutes after the ideal time for us to leave. It's only slightly made better by the fact that I'm not the only one that has been waking up later than planned. It reminds me of a FB group that focuses on the fact that when you wake up, read the time, and realize that you've overslept- you tend to fly out of bed like a ninja! XD That has been so true for me this week. I usually drag myself over the edge and labor not to trip over the laundry basket, but I've been making it into the middle of the room and grabbing clothes in one bound. Too great, lol. I was doing so well too when the kids were still in school.

My trek of creating a master list of the books has been going very well. I will actually have the catalog finished and the books packed away by the end of tomorrow! Come hell or high water, lol. I will hopefully be able to also compile a list of subjects that we're a little scarce on as well. We can almost see the end! In the middle of the morning, SO's mom and I attended an... information fair(?) about the particular special education preschool program we're in now. Well, the one I hope to join.

It was a great opportunity for me to network with people that would ultimately decide to hire me and be in my chain of supervisors. Before I could finish shaking hands, she was pimping me out/ peddling me to these people. Saved me the trouble since they seemed to really like her. With as much bias aside, I really do think she has one of the best overall examples of this program and I have not heard anything different from anyone I've come in contact with thus far. The not so great news was that there is only a slim chance of me teaching at the beginning of the next school year. However, the good news that I gathered was that there will be some job waiting for me the second I get my certification in the early fall! I so can't wait. I'm going to study so hard and start hoarding ideas and materials.

We're expecting goodies in the mail tomorrow and I can't wait!! I love getting mail, it's like a mini Christmas. I will go as far as to order free things like catalogs samples just so I can get something I actually want to see in that little metal box. I am so determined to make a habit of making cards and writing notes to the people that I care about and/or appreciate to pass this feeling along. It takes effort and at the same time, it really doesn't. In the time it can take to search for a contact and text your life's story, you could have picked out a card or piece of stationery and written a nice little note. So much more personal. I'm definitely a fan.

With the package that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, FMIL and I are going to have to convert our work steam into crafting mojo all this weekend and next week. We're making handmade gifts for a particular student who missed out the last few weeks of class and who is just a phenomenal person. I don't want to jinx it or spoil any surprise or whatever, but I'm definitely taking pictures once we finally finish the two masterpieces. I actually meant to write major/ main pieces, but it came out as masterpieces. Eh, why not talk it up some? Lol. They are pretty great ideas.

Next Tuesday we're attending our very first Stampin' Up workshop/ event! I and disgustingly excited. I'm pretty sure I've said that at least five times per entry for the past few days. You must be pretty sick of it by now, but I promise it shall lead to nice eye candy. Maybe inspire me to make another tutorial or two? If there's anything that I can show you how to do (it would really help if it was within my capabilities though, lol), just let me know!

With that, I think I'm going to go hit the hay. I will probably go to bed soon too. :P Until tomorrow! <3

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