Sunday, May 9

068. Oh My. / Happy Mother's Day!

More puppy problems today. :( Sadness. He will be taken to a small clinic after school tomorrow. Still stumbling, he got himself caught/ stuck/ upside-down in the homemade doghouse today. It was originally made for a smaller other dog that is no longer with us. Not sure why this doggie was trying to get in there today though. In all the time that I've known him I haven't seen him really try to go in, he's much more happy on the old couch bed. Well, I was working on a project and sitting at the breakfast bar when I heard a weird sound (I was listening to music on my headphones) and turned thinking maybe one of the dogs had seen a snake. The family has been telling me that they took all of their dogs to a training school that them to fear snakes and to alert their owners of the presence of a snake with a specific bark.

I thought that sound might be it, but I saw the dog I expected to be making that noise just sitting at the door begging to be let in. Then she got up and rushed towards the doghouse and I went out to follow her gaze and realized it was our sick dog stuck. I called FMIL for help and she turned him right ways up. He somehow got in, turned around in the back to head out again and must have had too much momentum (again) for his weak joints to handle and fell forward. He head was stuck upside down and his weight on him awkwardly bent under front paws. The sound I heard over my music was his cries from inside. That poor thing. He just can't be trusted to make it up or down any size step. He has always been such the gentle and laid-back giant, but lately he's been very fickle and indecisive but insistent about anything and everything. He has even gone as far as getting into the habit of bullying his way into the house when any of us go out to check on him.

SO's mom spent most of today doing paper work or comforting/ worrying about the doggie. She has been helping him sit, lay down, stand, walk up & walk down steps, wiping up his various goobers, trying to get him to eat or drink more, and petting him. We tried to help her out being on guard duty or at least around the house, but even so, she just wanted to be with him. Completely understandable. I wish we could do more and hopefully the doctors can do something this week.

I have been able to do some organizing between my working on projects today, so I'm somewhat satisfied, lol. Still have a long way to go, so I don't want to be too easy on myself. I did get mildly sidetracked by all this great music I have been finding on YouTube today. /shakes fist at internet. I've only subscribe and watched about two videos for each artist I've found today, I actually stopped myself from obsessively going through each of everyone's videos. It's a step up and a lot coming from me, lol.

Let's get to it!

"Break Your Heart" yet again because it's such a catchy song.

Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home" such a beautiful, haunting, and somber song. I'm not sure why I haven't it it before today.

Akon's "Beautiful" on an electric violin! I don't think I knew that that was an instrument. Really cool to see the process of looping!

And just a change of pace:

"Galactic Empire State of Mind" by College Humor. So hilarious- and well written! As usual.

Um... on another pretty cool note, I was able to catch up with my baby brother this evening. It was really cool and we made a pact to keep working on that. I can't believe he's about to graduate! Holy cow, where has time gone. At the most, he's still 12 years old to me. Ugh. I kind of can't handle it, lol. It was a nice talk and I can't wait to go back and visit. /crosses fingers. I hope to make it there this summer. :D

I need to get back to work. Oye. Lol. But before I do:

Wishing all the wonderful mothers a Happy Mother's Day! ♥ 
No matter how time flies, we'll always be your babies and appreciate all that you have done/ continue to do.

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