Monday, May 10

069. Fairly Done

A lot of things seem to be fairly done today. Quite a bit of the extra tension is finally coming to an end, so that's always great- some of the kids today were just done with everything and everyone today and lost it- and I also worked on planning and prepping the Father's Day card and gift for the class (on top of what I've had on my agenda).

The sick doggie also has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. :( And of course, he's rallied up over night but we know it's just a matter of hours before he's worse than ever. We shall see what happens there. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. :(

I'm a little too wiped today to feel like a complete jerk for not posting any media today. Lol. Just two more weeks of students and then I can go back to tackling all of those projects at school and at home again. As much as I love what I'm doing, I can't wait for the summer and what it may bring. It has gotten me pretty darn motivated to use my collections of craft supplies and resources much more wisely as well as to really want to tidy up my spots around here. I space take up good. :P

Apparently my brain is pretty done for the day too because I cannot remember what I was going to write about today. Boo. Once I get this consciousness thing right or school ends for the kids, I want to write more than "Dear Diary, Today I..." Maybe I can post some craft projects and such soon?

Keeping my fingers crossed! <3

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