Wednesday, May 12

071. Might As Well

If you've played Solitaire on the computer and have checked off the options to draw three at a time, keep score Vegas style, and track it cumulatively- it makes it feel that much harder. It kinda shows how much you suck at the game over a period of time. :) Still just as addicting.

Well, I honestly don't feel like writing much today. We've all have been fairly subdued and gone about our businesses. I think we're all just being respective of however we each want to deal with missing Jack. It has started to sink in for the other doggie, she has been kind of lonely and slightly confused because she can't find him in house or out in the yard. We all feel really badly. They weren't inseparable, but it's usually nice to know that someone is constantly nearby, you know?

To not feel like a complete bore, here are a few pictures:

This is about a week after the kids planted chives, parsley, and basil in personally decorated pots as a Mother's Day present. Aren't the baby plants so cute? Look at them go! They used little dirt cookies that are about the size of Oreos that exploded to fill the pots when 1.5 cups of water was added.

Today one of two packages I was expecting from my first purchase through arrived! It contained a book I ordered to use as a study guide for my exam in June and one that is pretty much an idea book for card making. I'm pretty satisfied with both so far! I decided to make this card as a thank you to our postman. He's pretty cool.

Today the SO and I were pretty productive. He gathered materials to change the oil in his beloved bike aka the Other Girlfriend. Actually, I think I'm technically the 'Other Woman', but that's besides the point. :) Here she is with a cigarette butt she picked up coming in. That fat cow. Oops, did I type that aloud? :P

I also finally found offline and in stock the correct sizes of envelopes I've almost desperately needed. After we got home, I realized I only have two stamps left. I can't count how many times in the past two weeks that I've thought to myself, "Oh hey, I should pick up a book or two of stamps. Wait, never mind, I probably still have a million left." /facepalm. Good thing we're going grocery shopping tomorrow. I had enough to mail out what I wanted for at least tomorrow. I was also able to pick up some packs of stickers to use in the classroom too, they were quite cute and I believe they were a decent deal at Office Depot. 

I'm already helping to develop the activities. Next week is the last week for the kids and there's this really cool book we're bringing in. I can't quite remember the name of it, but I'll probably post a picture or two of it next week. It's all black and white about a trip and when you get to the end, you flip the book upside down and keep reading. The pictures turn into completely different scenes! So amazing and well though out. Next week's theme will be [Summer] Vacations/ Trips. I thought of the idea to make the week-long project a travel journal that the kids make. They can draw pictures of vacations or trips they have taken (whether it be camping or visiting relatives or going to the zoo) while leaving a few blank pages at the end. We'll probably jot in a few captions and they can decorate it through out the week. I'm also hauling in my Cricut and a few of my crafting goodies for the kids to play with and make an embellishment or two to their journals. I just couldn't resist partly showing off my baby but it is so user friendly that I know the kids will enjoy choosing pictures, working on pressing the right buttons, and watching the machine cut out/ create their desired item(s). It's going to be a blast and a half!

Tomorrow, one of the activities is practicing taking off and putting on their shoes. Man, I hope that goes smoothly. I'm sure you can imagine the chaos that could ensue. Wish us luck, lol. Until then! <3

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