Tuesday, May 25

084. Out Of Order

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Today was a long day of volunteering. I think it was about 10 hours. It doesn't seem like I made as much progress as I did yesterday, but I know I did well today. At least, a significant area of the rug that I have dominated and claimed as my own has been cleared. The plan isn't working out ideally, but it's a massive improvement, imo. The room is just not big enough and we don't have nearly enough bins to put everything into, so we have to scrounge around the school for old boxes and do our best to cram awkward shaped items into awkwardly different receptacles. Not the best of times but I hope it starts to make their lives a little easier over the next few years. Man, it's still a mess though, lol. I need to figure my camera's issue really soon.

I just don't think that I've been getting enough sleep the past few weeks, let alone adequate restful sleep. It shows in my thought and speech patterns. It's like mental flatulence. The brain farts are longer and more frequently and continues to make situations pretty awkward. Or hilarious. Most likely both, lol. It will be nice to play catch up next week though. Even though, this weekend and next week should be pretty full of catching up on things we wanted/ need to do since we're throwing all of our energy into closing up shop in the classroom this week... /frown. I need to stop thinking about work. Especially work that is not earning me any pay. I do, however, get rewarded with chocolate and other yummy goodies from time to time. That's almost just as good! Lol.

I organized my uncut 8x11 cardstock today in a bookend I got from helping out today! It barely fit. Actually, all of it didn't fit but I took out a few pieces in order to make (room/) A2 size card bases in a shade other than my typical Ivory. It's a classy off-white shade but I think with all the new summer lines of paper coming out in the crafting world, my local source of Ivory cardstock has switched over to using Cream! I know this sounds incredibly stupid/ ridiculous but I put a lot effort into finding matching envelopes that didn't cost a ton and this Cream is just a really light yellow. Like lemon filling in a cookie. A sweet color, but if I wanted to use yellow, I would. I specifically chose that soft Ivory because I felt that stark white cards would seem too harsh and attract unsightly smudges and grime. It also means that once I make my cards with it, it's done. Hopefully, I can find a comparable hue soon.

My bottom lip just tingled and that reminded me! I had a paper wasp crawling on and across my mouth while I was asleep last night! UGH! I do Not like it when bugs touch me without my prior consent. Not. At. All. I flipped out (it was half falling into my mouth when I realized that tingly sensation was something living) and swiped at it. It landed briefly on my pillow so I could catch a glimpse of it to identify it.

They're like reddish-brown wasps that are actually quite gentle for wasps. They really avoid stinging you, have a high-pitched buzz when they fly around or into things, and are pretty hardy. I do not where it went after that and was only half conscious. It was still not fun and I cowered a bit under the covers (after shaking them around to make sure the little bugger wasn't in there with me) and, of course, had a hard time falling back asleep. No bueno. It had happened at like 3 o'clock in the morning too. Just :( :( :( It could have been worse so, I guess that was just inconvenient. And creepy.

Back to my paper rant. I was hoping to make sets of stationery too... I'll be really out of luck if I don't count out everything properly ahead of time and run out of that shade before I finish the sets. I think that might be a worse case scenario. Tragic, right? Speaking of the crafting gods hating me just a little lately, if you are remotely interested in purchasing a lovely Cricut machine right now, of any size, I Strongly suggest that you look into it Right NOW! I don't even care if you stop reading the rest of my rant today to do it. Even though I would prefer if you just opened up another tab to keep an eye on both... I really suggest Custom Crops or Hallmark Scrapbook.

They are having phenomenal deals on new and refurbished Cricut machines of the original, Create (medium), and Expression (largest) models! Even the new Cricut Cake machine! That one is just really cool to marvel at too. I have the Create, which I do adore, but I would love the Expression. The extra features and ability to just stick 12x12 paper on the mats to cut (instead of my current max size of 6x12) would just be really nice.

Even Walmart.com has some exclusive promotion of selling a black Cricut machine. Very snazzy, but if you compare the pricing, I would just go with the other two sites. There are pink Expressions (the part that is usually greenish-blue is pink, even the lighting!) and I think those (plus the Pink Journey cartridge that is always additionally included) is sold exclusively at Michael's craft store. Well, I think there are some on eBay, but come on now, it's for a good cause (raise Breast Cancer Awareness). Anyway, it's such a hot time.

The best deal I've seen on them yet, and this includes Black Friday of last year. I think it has to do with their release of the Cricut Cake and that the beginning of summer seems to be the time that papercrafting companies are... how do I put this? Refreshing their inventory? It's just seems like it's the beginning of the year for paper crafts. It's kind of mind blowing and exciting at the same time. You get to start the summer with fresh supplies! Anywho, that's my major piece of advice for the moment.

I haven't been playing my game of WoW lately. The SO started up again today and I watched a little bit, caught up with friends, and he called me out on wanting to pick it back up again. I will, I've always known that I will, I just want a few certain things under my belt first. Sooooon! You devour our souls so completely, I just couldn't stay away for too long.

Sigh. I should head out and hope to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow. Hope really, really hard. Lol. See you tomorrow! <3

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