Saturday, May 8

067. So That's Where They Went

I'm still pretty tired today. This whole waking up early thing isn't quite sinking in for me. :( I also forgot to mentioned yesterday how the doggie that has been sick had a tumble yesterday. It sounded horrible and he keeps tripping like that through the night and today. We've resolved to either not him into any area that has a step, even if it's just under 2 inches, or we're going to have to carry him down/ or them. Not an easy task, especially considering that the other doggie is a complete neurotic spaz. She has been incredibly inconsiderate and interfering these past few weeks. She also doesn't understand how the sick one gets to charge (as best he can) into the house during the day and gets extra mini meals made of rice and chicken/ beef and she's stuck with her usual feeding time and dog food. I still can't shake the horrible cries and screams of him when he fell and crashed that first time last night. :(

On a lighter note, I have been hard at work either working on orders for my shop, getting and prepping supplies for the kids at school, or researching and ordering materials for an exam I have to take a month from now. I love how I have to take an assessment test for my certification months before I take any classes whatsoever. Good job, state legislation, you totally understand the value and mechanics of education. You know I'm tired and cranky when I don't hold political-related criticism back. But I am grateful for the ability to do that in a public venue. Hoorah, America. More or less. Lol. Hoorah for any soldier that has done the right thing that allows for that freedom. I think that's more like it.

Wait, that wasn't actually the lighter note. Oops, lol. I am more awake at this time than I was yesterday because I realized those music videos I wanted to post but was too tired to find again were in a convenient list called 'My Favorites' in my account. Go me. :P Without further ado because I may pass out before I finish:

An ASL interpretation of The Script's "Breakeven." I love this guy's videos. I need to start learning ASL : / As if I couldn't love this song more.

A cover of Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart." I love this song too, as you've probably seen (:P). Zomg they're Asian, lol. <3 I've had poor experiences with Asian guys, ha ha.

A cover/mash-up of The Script's "Breakeven" and B.o.B.'s "Nothin' on You." I probably should have shoved this with the other cover of  that song... hm. Too late! :P

Man, I need to update my tags with the people in all of these videos I have been posting the past few weeks... Well, there's always tomorrow! Lol. I also realized last night that I've posted pictures every day for the past week. Bet your feeling pretty spoiled now, huh? I'm going to feel like a jerk the next time I don't post any media, ha ha! Watch it be tomorrow too. /knock on wood.

I keep zoning out and then getting distracted by the internet, so I'm going to bid thee adieu until tomorrow! <3

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