Monday, May 17

076. Whoops!

Oh no, I almost crawled into bed to pass out early without stopping by here! I have no idea why I so strongly desire to dive under the covers tonight. Oh wait, because being in bed and/or sleeping is Awesome, duh. Silly me, how could I forget that? Lol. I must be that tired. Dumb getting older, I remember when I could pull an all nighter or two without any caffeine or real reason. Just thinking about it now hurts my soul just a tad.

We ended up hauling in the Cricut today and the kids adored it. I let them choose the colors and push the buttons to create their own little critter. We read the amazing "Round Trip" book and the fact that you could get to the end of the book, flip it upside down, and keep reading really bothered some of the kids. Poor things. One of the things we did today was talk about different modes of transportation. Tomorrow we'll practice prepositions with aforementioned modes in the context of trips the kids have taken. Fingers crossed that it goes well enough!

Listened to more Pandora, but I left it on the generic Teen Pop station. It was truly hilarious to hear all the Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, 98 Degrees, and Christina Aguilera. It kind of surprised me the lack of current teen/ top 40 pop is on the station, but I guess I can turn on a radio to listen to that, lol.

The hamster in my head is trotting half off of the wheel as it reaches for a bowl of Doritos right now so um, I think I'm going to call it a night. XD

Much love- until tomorrow, <3

P.S. Happy Birthday Stina!

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