Thursday, May 6

065. Meet & Greet

I don't have all that much to report today. But I do have this:

If all of that doesn't brighten up your day just a little, I'm not sure what would. This is the amaryllis (well, one of them) that has been in the classroom. The kids have been measuring the growth of the bud height-wise, counting the leaves, and drawing pictures. It grows a a phenomenal rate! Two Fridays ago it was 5.5 inches and by the afternoon it was 6 inches. Last Friday, it was a whopping 15 inches tall. Yesterday, the flower was starting to come out of the bud and turning sideways, and today we came in to see this! Just two, I have been told that sometimes they have four to five, but wow! There was another one being kept in the classroom that has leaves that are about... three feet in length and no buds. Funny, where plants decide to put their energy into and how just slight weather changes can alter it drastically.

The rest of the afternoon/ evening was spent working on a project for next week for the kids. We had quite a bit of fun working on it and I'll post pictures of it once they're completed, which may be sometime next week actually. Just more stuff down with the Cricut, of course. My passion for crafting seems to be spreading at a fairly rapid rate, of course, not fast enough for me. :)

I found some new music today via YouTube (surprise, surprise), but I don't really feel up to hunting specific videos down amongst my favorited list atm. So, tomorrow's post should be filled with musical goodness, unless I get completely distracted. :P

Well, I hope you enjoy the foliage yet again! See you tomorrow. <3

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