Monday, May 3

062. Remember This?

There is either a lot of nostalgia, recollection, or old stuff going on in today's post. :D Have you taken your vitamins and finished your crossword or sudoku (never, never, never! I can humiliate myself well enough in much smaller words, tyvm!) puzzles?

Let's start with the most recent. I half promised you pictures from our field trip yesterday. So here are a few, I'll probably post more later this week because I have yet to finish going through them all.

Again, it's a dormant cave. It is also a balmy and constant 72 degrees at all times! :D

What the tour guides sometimes call "Bowling Alley." 
Without my flash, the bowling ball in the bottom left corner is much more prominent.

I believe that they said they nicknamed this formation the "Wedding Cake" 
but that some people have called it "Icicle Falls" or something.

Let me tell you, as beautiful and big this cave is and as interesting as the processes that created it are, I discovered that I am super uncomfortable with walking on uneven terrain. I already knew that heights and enclosed spaces also make me fairly nervous. I was just asking for trouble, even though I had taken the same tour last year. You all better appreciate these photos! I didn't look most of the times I took them, just pointed, clicked, and tentatively forged ahead.

The park also includes a camping area and a Ranch area. It also has a few museums and gardens for bats and/or butterflies! We attended a little seminar/ info session on caterpillars that was kind of cool and then went as a group to go and try to find said creatures. Unfortunately, with the wind gusts, I'm pretty sure they were blown into the next state, lol. I spotted what ended up being a praying mantis cocoon. Um, I didn't even know they had those! I think they did find one moth caterpillar though! This was a kind of crazy looking flower that was in the garden and I have no idea what it's name is. 

Now to go back further. I told you that I was vaguely hunting for something a little while back (Click here to go back and read what it was! Hint: You pretty much only have to read the title of the entry). Well, on the way to school today, I found it by accident! Hooray! Who would have thought? Hm, I guess I would have if I had thought about it long enough... lol. Introducing Lucy, my lucky bamboo!
I took a picture of her while we were at school, so there's that crazy carrot top next to her growing all sorts of things and another type of plant behind her. I forget the type it was. :( I'm going to get her prettier pebbles and a taller clear vase soon. I like to watch the roots and see the water levels. Oh, and her... cousin? Hm, it's more of a housemate I suppose (FMIL's gardenia bonsai gift), has been named May! Actually, I'm not 100% sure of the spelling, but we'll just go along with that. I hadn't thought, but again, if I had done enough research, I would have realized that cats tend to have a green tooth for lucky bamboo. Of course. Two of the kitties have show a significant amount of interest in her since I brought her home. They are swiftly being taught to stay away. *sings to the tune of Milkshake* The bamboo brings all the cats to the yard! etc. Lol. Oh, I also planted Mr. Crazy Carrot in an actual pot today too. Well, said cheap dollar pot doesn't have drainage, so idk about 'actual'.

The other half of the this entry, I believe is completely unrelated. I somehow got started on watching a few random music videos on YouTube again, and those of you that peruse it from time to time know that the related searches can lead you to some pretty weird/ interesting places. Here is a summarized progression for me. It made me smile and brought me back a few years. 

A current favorite of mine, Train's "Soul Sister":

Which led me to find out that it's the same Train of "Drops of Jupiter"! I thought it was a lot older of a song and I can't believe that 2001 was almost a decade ago! What in the world... /stunned:

I love Five for Fighting's "100 Years" too, often associate them together for some reason, and am not sure why I don't remember watching the official music video before tonight, or maybe I have and have just started becoming extra senile:

And that led me to Five for Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)", another great song:

Wow, I don't know how much more nostalgia I can take in one night. I'm still sorting through all the old memories that popped into my head tonight. It's a lot to go through. It doesn't seem like all that long, but like a lifetime all at the same time. I guess that's what happens when you learn a lot of life lessons through your experiences. Especially the ones that came out of left field. : ) But I don't regret them, I have regrets, especially about the way I've acted, but I'm working on that now to make sure I'm okay with what my choices mean for my life after those situations have come and gone. Life and learning how to do it your way is a phenomenal thing. I'm almost at a loss of words for it, but I'm sure most of you can really understand what I'm getting at. 

I think that's all I can stand to do today, I kinda feel like poo (not full-blown sick, but enough of all the symptoms that it's slowing down my day/ body/ mind significantly), so until tomorrow! <3

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