Saturday, May 22

081. WTB Purge

For future reference, "WTB" is WoW slang for "want to buy."

Hm, what did I manage to do today out of the ordinary? Reapplied adhesives to two of my Cricut mats, I'm still not a huge fan of the adhesive removal and tacky adhesive sprays that I have, but I have them so might as well try to use them. Sorted through more of my scraps... I'm pretty sure that the next half dozen paper projects I do will consist of 90% scraps. I keep saving them up and then they get out of control and I don't end up using them when I should and... well, it's the same vicious cycle with any type of odds-n-ends. I was able to clear out more junk or garbage from the kitchen.

In about two weeks I'm planning a huge overhaul for the house. I guess it's spring cleaning. There are just so many things around here that take up way too much space and have little to no use. It's oppressive and has left me in such a cranky mood. At this point, the only way it's going to get done is if I plan ahead, secretly gathering the necessary materials, wait until the majority of the household is away, and then do nothing but purge and clean. It's going to be sucky hard work but it will lift everyone's spirits, I'm sure. It may make me the bad guy for however long, but I've gotten to the point where I'm willing to take that risk. I'm not the most organize or neatest person by far, but... it goes beyond that.

To change the subject before I get really angry again, lol, I did bake some... *runs to get label* wild Pacific salmon. It was pre-marinated in teriyaki sauce and pre-seasoned with idk what, lol. I paired it up with hastily thrown together fried rice. Lots of different flavors and textures going on and a pretty decent outcome from what I'm told. If I had done it correctly, probably 45 minutes to make.

Yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day we've had this year with a high of 99 degrees. Luckily, we only made it to 96. I think that's supposed to be lucky. I do enjoy the fact that it's a dry heat and to me, until we're definitely into the 100's, it feels toasty warm. Much like being wrapped up in a snuggly warm comforter while nursing some hot chocolate. Mmm... Maybe I just need a little bit more chocolate in my life right now, lol. I can be pretty girly sometimes. Well, more times than I'd like to admit. :D We shall leave that alone for now, lol.

I was going to upload pictures of cards that I've made recently, but my laptop is having yet another day-long fit with media. It's making my dream desktop computer more and more appealing with each click. It's also making my trip to my folks increasingly appealing. Maybe I just need a change of scenery for a little while to recharge my batteries and refresh my outlook. I really don't like being such a Negative Nancy. ... What a sad saying for all the Nancies in the world.

Bah, it's hard to think on an empty stomach so I'll leave this be for now. Thank you for keeping up with my rants and ramblings! I'll try to think of something fun to post soon!

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