Saturday, May 29

088. Is This Thing On?

I am pretty sure that I have spent the majority of my day working on resolving my laptop's issues with my camera. That and watching Steven Raichlen's Barbecue University or Primal Grill on public television. Omg, the food looked so amazing... /drool. It really put us into the mood for home cooking, but we ended up getting good ol' local fried food goodies. Oh the tragedy. : )

Tomorrow should involve some serious amount of crafting. But until then, here's a story as told with pictures!

The cover I made for my first mini scrapbook. I just realized that I didn't take a picture of the aerial view! It's a really cool design that I found.
Alright, for the life of me, I cannot make this rotate properly. This is only half of the sneak peek that I wanted to show you. It's a representation of our kitty wanting to go (me)ooowt!

Okay, same issue. It says "Merci". For a dear person who has recently guided me down the path that I feel that is right for me. I will be forever grateful, no matter what the outcome will be. None of that was supposed to rhyme, I swear. Lol.  Inspired by him and the sunrise because we're both looking at new beginnings. : )

Another card that I've made from the most recent batch.  It didn't sit in my collection for long, but I still loved it just the same.

A blurry sneak peak of a mobile that I have made a little while ago. It will soon be listed in my Etsy shop. :D

Look! It's kitty-take out! This kitty just has a love for boxes. This is especially so after the SO taught him how much fun it was to climb into them. Now, we can't keep him out. :P

The sweet bouquet that one of the families brought in on the last day of class.

So, do you remember the self-inflicted punishment I've been talking about for the past week? :P It was a project I started about organizing all the books in class. This is actually the books all categorized. You might be able to see this very laptop in the background, lol.

This is a snapshot of the master list I finally cranked out. Almost 850 books are cataloged for future reference. I normally don't like to toot my own horn (however, I'll talk about it to kingdom come),
I think that it's a glorious piece of work. All wrapped in a cute binder from Walgreens.

These were the boxes that many of the books plus piles of themed materials were formerly in. I kept the activities and props inside, but removed all of the books and gave them a little bit of a makeover just to, again, make it easier to find and grab in the future. At least until we find a way to get clear plastic tubs to put everything in. :D

A beautiful and really quick sunset last week. By the time I got outside and got my camera all focused, it was almost gone! Of course, this doesn't do it justice, but I still think it's quite stunning.

Well, hopefully I have the picture-camera-laptop dealio all worked out so I never have to spend my Saturday wanting to punch my computer's lights out again. I hope you enjoyed these! I think I actually have something in mind for my post tomorrow. Imagine that! Until then, <3

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